I buy RARE golf clubs in St Andrews – thrift shopping!

Troubleshooting Starter and Engine Issues of a Petrol Single Seated Buggy

If you are using a petrol single seated buggy, it is obvious that the vehicle is likely to trigger starter and engine issues at any point in time even though you regularly maintain it. While some issues surface due to lack of maintenance, the rest are such that they can creep despite of good maintenance. Therefore, it will be unwise to think that regular maintenance prevents all starter and engine issues from cropping up.

Beliefs About Gas and Electric Golf Carts, Which Are Only Myths!

Know what you think of gas and electric golf carts. Most of what you think is wrong. Check more about the same.

Petrol or Electric Single Seated Buggy: Which One to Choose

If you are confused between a petrol and electric single seated buggy while making the right selection, consider it to be the time of applying some buying factors to eliminate your confusion. Whether you are a first time buyer or not, doing so can help you choose a more suitable buggy type. This is because it helps in mapping your requirements with the features and pros, which certainly makes you reach up to right model at the best price.

Scotland Golf Trips – St Andrews Golf – 9 Things You Should Know If Playing St Andrews Old Course

Golfers who are planning a golf trip to Scotland would love the opportunity to play St Andrews Old Course. If you are fortunate enough to secure a tee time on St Andrews Old Course here are 9 tips that will ensure you get the most out of your experience.

Getting To Know Golf Courses

Golf courses vary in the options they provide. Take time to research the features that are important to you, whether it is for playing 18 holes or enjoying other amenities.

When Is the Best Time to Play Golf?

Every avid golfer has a favorite time they like to get out on the course. Mine happens to be late afternoon and early evening, as for me it’s just a fitting way to end the day. But if you hang around golf clubhouses much you’ll see older golfers getting out early in the morning to get there round in for the day.

Playing Golf for the Beginners

As a sport and leisure activity, golf shakes many people thinking of trying it! The commonest reasons are an array of equipment, technique, the lingo, and the costs involved. However, here is the good news. Under a right guidance, you can actually get off to a solid start – both, performance wise as well as financially. Read on to know how!

How to Easily Get Your Golf Ball Airborne

It seems like the easiest thing in sports to hit would be a golf ball. Since it never moves it logically should be something very easy to, and maybe because it should be so easy is why we make it much harder than it has to be. We are not reacting to a moving ball, so we may have too much time to think about all those things our body must do. Also, most mid-to high handicappers just don’t know what they have to do to hit a ball to get it airborne.

How Social Networks For Golfers Are Proving Helpful?

A golf social network is a platform that offers the golfers from across the globe to interact, share golf videos and photos or to keep a track of their golfing activity. They can check their match scores or golf course statistics very easily ans stay updated about them.

Ways to Get the Most From Your Golf Spectating Experience

For most golfers the best way to experience golf is to go out and play. But if you really do love the game there are more ways to experience golf instead of only playing, or sitting endlessly watching the Golf Channel. There are many tour events throughout the year that you can schedule yourself to see, with many more options if you live in Florida or Southern California.

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