I COULDN’T Hit My 3 Wood Correctly Until I knew This

How to Shoot Lower Golf Scores by Controlling the Height of Your Shots

A variety of playing conditions and golf course setups place a premium on being able to control the height of your golf shots. Factors affecting golf shot height and how to control them are explained.

Lower Your Golf Handicap With More Effective Practice

An organized approach to golf practice is much more effective than just “beating balls”. Step by Step Tips are given for organizing each practice session. Key factors for swing improvement are explained.

Should You Buy a Pair of Golf Shoes?

Although its not imperative to buy a pair of golf shoes you might want to consider it. Most Golf courses have a rule that requires golf shoes and then there are some that do not.

The Importance of Tempo

The golf swing has many actions that all have to happen in the right sequence and need their own time to develop. The way for all that to occur is to swing with the right tempo.

Choosing a Golf Cart Cover

When most people join a prestigious golf club, it is not uncommon for them to also buy a golf cart. What most people don’t realize though is the fact that a golf cart is truly a status symbol. As such, you will want to take every possible measure to protect it. Luckily, this article will describe the best way to do so.

Golf Lessons Online – How it Can Help You to Improve Your Game

Most of the time, taking golf lessons involves going to see a golf pro to get their help on improving your game. Even with an exceptionally talented golf instructor, you probably have a hard time remembering everything that they teach you in a lesson – this is where taking golf lessons online can be helpful…

Golf Tips For Beginners – The Absolutely, Without Any Question, Most Important Golf Tips

If you are a beginner at golf and you live in the greater Los Angeles area, this is absolutely, positively, take it to the bank the most important golf tip for a beginner that I can offer. Never, never make a tee time earlier than 10:01 AM. Why is that you ask?

Cure a Golf Slice – What You Should Do

Are you an ardent lover and player of golf but you are having that bad swing that make you feel awkward and you are in dire need to cure golf slice? The tip that follows might end up being so helpful and important to you.

Golf – “A Walk in the Park”

A different viewpoint on golf and the enjoyment and benefits to be derived from this incredible game. This past Saturday I played golf with my significant other at Brentwood Country Club in Brentwood, Long Island.

Top 10 Features of the Golf Buddy Tour GPS!

The Golf Buddy Tour GPS is awesome. Comes with 20,000 Golf Courses in North America pre-loaded. No more annual fees and no per-download fee. Has score tracking, water and impact resistant, automatic course and hole recognition, and much more.

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