I HATE My Golf Swing! And Here’s What I’m Doing to Fix It!

Golf Swing Drills To Improve Your Chipping

The chip shot is a golf shot that every golfer needs in their game. Here are some golf swing drills that will help you to hit solid, consistent chip shots so you can shoot lower scores.

3 Free Golf Tips for Playing From a Bad Lie

From time to time we all run into a bad lie. It really doesn’t matter where you are playing on a public or private course. There is no way to avoid it, its part of the game.

Tips on Reading Greens and Putting Conditions

Having problems with your putting? These tips on reading greens and putting conditions will show you how to improve your putting which is essential if you wish to lower your score. Many games are won or lost on the green so it is vital to eliminate those dreaded 3 putts.

3 Tips to Improve Your Putting

Like you I can drive the ball down the fairway, chip it reasonably well (I can get it on the green most of the time), but I have trouble finishing the hole often taking two putts or sometime three. This often inflates my score and leaves me very frustrated. I have had a number of occasions where the putter almost went into the woods or pond.

Golf Tips – Make Your Golf More Instinctive

The human body instinctively knows how to do many things, and golf should be one of them! However golf is a very static game since the ball is not moving. But what if the ball was moving? That would make us play golf more ‘instinctively’ wouldn’t it? In this golf tip I explain a great practice drill that will make your golf feel more ‘instinctive’ and less static. If you can ‘flow’ into shots you will perform far more effectively on the golf course.

Prevent Your Mind From Drifting On the Golf Course

Normally, or at least hopefully, you begin your round fully focused and mentally ready to play your best golf. And, for the first four holes or so, you do. Then the trouble starts. Your focus wanders and you have a few bad holes and wonder what happened. You were playing so well and then it just fell apart.

The Social Hazards Of Golf

Recreational golf is primarily a social game. The most important part of the day is having fun with the people you’re playing with and making their day as enjoyable as yours. It is possible, though, that socializing can prevent you from playing your best golf. Here’s how to be a good friend and a good player at the same time.

How to Get More Distance in Golf With a Better Mental Game

Most golf players – both amateurs and tour professionals – agree that, in the sport of golf, the mental part of the game is important. Some players and golf experts would even insist that much of the sport is mental and the key to how to get more distance in golf is a better mental game. Players should be able to see their drives reach greater heights with these practices.

One Hour At the Driving Range

If you’re a golfer with a busy life, finding time to practice is not easy. When you do get a chance to go to the range, every minute counts. These practice plans will let you practice golf’s most critical skills in one hour.

Golf Tips – Give Yourself A Reality Check

No matter what level of golfer we are, we often think we are doing one thing, when in fact we are doing something different. The best way to check we haven’t slipped into any bad habits is to give ourselves a regular reality check. You need a partner or a video camera with a tripod to follow this simple golf tip and get a quick reality check.

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