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Keeping Your Cool When the Golf Shots Aren’t Going Your Way

Sometimes golfers can find they suffer from a run of poor luck and none of their shots seem to be falling where they should and putts falling slightly short of the hole. It is one of the most frustrating things that can happen when playing golf and in some cases may mean that you stop playing the game for a while. This happens to all golfers, especially professionals as many people will have witnessed this happening to the World number one Tiger Woods in recent months.

Curing Those Annoying Quirks That Are Letting Your Golf Game Down

Golf can be an enjoyable sport or pastime if you are playing well and making those shots but sometimes even the pros can have a bad day at the office and struggle to sink the shorter putts or overshoot the ball straight into the waiting bunker. There are a lot of ways a golf shot can go wrong, whether it is the ball going off to a strange angle or the ball not going far enough or too far if you’ve really given the ball some welly!

Golf Chipping Tips – The Fly Roll Ratio

A chip shot is made when the ball is very close to the green – usually within a few years – but not actively on it. The primary goal is to get the ball on the green and as close to the hole as possible, but an easy put. Chip shots differ from pitch shots in that they are much closer to the green and therefore need much less flight and distance.

Beginning To Play Golf – What You Need To Know

A lot of people will have started to take an interest in the sport of golf, over the past few years the sport has seen a surge in popularity as younger golfers have come through the ranks and proved that there is a growing interest in golf. If you have decided to try playing golf yourself then you may have been a bit bewildered at all of the equipment, stances and clubs that you will need to become a decent player.

Getting a Golf Club Membership to Enjoy and Improve Your Games of Golf

Golf club memberships used to be regarded as something that rich men had and spent many afternoons on the course or in the clubhouse bar but in recent years the golf club has become a more welcoming place with not only more of a relaxed attitude but now women and children are allowed to play too, something that in the past was unheard of. Now golf clubs regularly hold tournaments for all ages and genders as well as being open for many people to enjoy playing the great game of golf with all of the benefits of being a…

How to Become a Golf Coach

A lot of golfers will play golf a lot over the years and as they become experienced and reach the peak of their game you may feel like you want to teach others either learning the sport for the first time or those who are struggling and require a little guidance over particular shot types or issues with their shots. Becoming a golf coach is a great way to do this and many courses are seeking golf professionals to teach new members or become a resident golfing guru.

Some of the Best Golf Courses in Spain for Golf in Spain

Playing Golf when the weather is nice can be quite tough to get some time at your local course as there are often the usual golfers who play come rain or shine but there are also some of the ‘fair weather’ golfers who only seem to tee off when the sun comes out. This doesn’t mean you have to struggle when getting a game of golf, many people will simply venture to other golf courses they may not have tried and make the most of the ideal conditions.

Knowing When You Have Found the Right Golf Clubs for You

Buying golf equipment may seem like a fairly straight forward task for most people, you want to buy some clubs that will last and are solidly built for the rigours of a round of golf at the weekends. When starting to play golf you may choose a standard set of beginner’s golf clubs that can have features that make it easier to hit the ball straight but also give you a wide range of clubs that will help you out.

Golf Backswing – What You Need to Know and Why It Is So Important!

Are you sick of swinging the golf club poorly and struggling to hit a good shot on the golf course? Do you want to know how you can make the entire swing you have better and do so fast? The key to the golf swing is the golf backswing because this is where it all starts and this dictates the rest of the swing. Here are the things you have to know about your backswing to help make your swing more consistent.

Golf Alignment – One of the Keys to Hitting a Great Golf Shot!

Most weekend golfers do not understand the correct golf alignment for each shot. This is because they do not take the time to think about it a little bit and they probably have never had a trained professional explain to them exactly how it works. The first thing you have to do is grip the club properly. The second thing you have to do is set up to the ball correctly. The last thing you have to do is aim properly at the target. These all go together and today we are going to talk about the “Aim” part of the three.

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