I Played My WORST & BEST Golf! #Break75

How to Put Serious Spin on Your Golf Ball

A lot of golfers can struggle to make the ball do what they want on the golf course, it’s often hard enough for beginners to get the ball to go straight never mind thinking about back spin and controlling the roll of the ball. This is why seeing professionals like Phil Mickleson, particularly lauded for his short game, clear their ball out of the rough or even the bunker to land the ball on the green and get it to roll almost magnetically towards the flag seems inhuman.

Mastering Golf by Watching Others

The first step to mastering anything is to load your brain with as much relevant information regarding that endeavor. This is especially true for mastering the game of golf.

The Beginning of Learning Golf

If you want to know how to play golf, the first thing you need to do is read this. The basic principle behind the game is to hit your ball into the hole in the least amount of strokes. Although it may sound easy enough it takes a lot of skill to be able to achieve this simple task.

Golfing in the 16th Century

There really is no telling where and when golf originated. For many years it was believed to have derived out of Scotland, but more recent findings claim to have proof of golf-like games in China long before the Scot’s claim the game. Although the facts on the beginning of golf may not be so clear, it is safe to say that it has a long, rich history.

For a Consistent Golf Experience, Develop a Golf Routine

What is involved in a golf routine? How do you develop a good golf routine?

Tiger Woods – 3 Things He Must Do to Make a Successful Re-Entry

For his entire PGA career Tiger has been this “squeaky clean” icon. Now, he must become an exceptionally gifted “everyman”.

Why Not Listening to Jack Nicklaus Will Instantly Improve Your Putting

How many times have you read or have been told that the single most important key to good putting is keeping your head absolutely still while making the stroke? That is what Jack Nicklaus says, or even more exactly, he says that head movement during the putting stroke is the worst single mistake made by both professionals and amateurs. That may not be true and I will explain why I think that way and even provide you with a simple test that you can try for yourself.

Practice Makes Perfect in Golfing

It takes many years to become a decent golfer so don’t get discouraged when starting out, even the most experienced golfers have trouble with these skills. Golf takes a lot of patience and a lot of practice.

Learning the Basics of Golf

Being able to learn how to control a few simple things can be the answer to becoming a great golfer, your grip, stance and your swing. It may sound simple, but a lot goes into hitting that ball into the hole.

The Return of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has finally made up his mind to return back from his self-imposed exile into the game that brought him to limelight – Golf. Those of us who had always loved his game never felt at ease all through the period he was away from the game, especially during his period of silence.

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