I Wish I’d Known This SIMPLE Chipping Technique Years Ago!!

How to Hit a Wedge Lob Shot Or Flop Shot

As we watch more and more Pro Golf, the techniques of the top players out there just seem to improve time after time. One of the shots that we Amateurs tend to stare open mouthed at is the Wedge Lob Shot or Flop Shot. To be able to produce this shot consistently is going to take a lot of practice.

Technical Golf Clothing – Keeping Dry on the Course

Once a golfer reaches a certain level of skill, they should be looking to maximise their performance however they can. Many golfers do not place great importance on their golf clothing, which is a mistake. Imagine the conditions – it’s cold and windy, with some light drizzle and yet it is still sunny making it too hot for coats, yet traditional wind stoppers are not warm enough. Would the discomfort this brings hamper your game? What would help in this situation?

Stop Pulling Your Putts to Lower Your Scores

The most common reason why people pull putts, and how to easily correct it to make more putts. Putting is a complicated part of the game of golf, but it doesn’t need to be, it can actually be really simple.

Better Golf Methods Will Certainly Assist You to Lower Your Score

Any golfer knows that golf can be one tough sport. It may look easy to the casual observer, but it can frustrate even a true devotee. Hang in there, though. There are proven methods to improve your swing that will help you to enjoy the game more.

A Great Article About Golf – The Backswing That Will Help You Improve Your Game!

In golf the backswing is one of the most important parts of the swing. It either starts you on the path to a great shot or leads you down the path of a terrible shot. So hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a better chance of taking the path to a good shot.

An Interesting Golf Swing Wrist Action Article Filled With Tips

The wrists are the absolute key to a good golf stroke. It is no exaggeration to say that without good golf swing wrist action, nothing else really matters.

How to Achieve Correct Golf Swing

If you love the game of golf, I’m sure you’ve seen how professional players do it and you will agree that they are extremely talented. However, you should also realize that talent alone won’t make you win games as you may think. Having talent is one thing but having the passion and urge to improve also helps one in many ways.

Golf Tip – Overlap Vardon Grip

One of the most important building blocks of the golf swing is the grip. A correct grip will allow you to swing the golf club well without mid swing compensations. The purpose of placing your hands correctly on the golf club is to be able to make a swing that is controlled by the larger muscles of your body.

Online Purchase of Golfing Equipment

If you are looking for good quality golfing equipments, discounts in golfing equipments, or any other kind of golfing gear, you must recognize that the internet is one of the best accessible resources to you. There are a few online businesses in particular that you must explore if you are looking for any sort of golfing club gear. Here we talk about a few such online sellers.

The Design of a Golf Course Affects Its Popularity

There exists a number of courses where the course design makes it pleasant to play golf while a small number of other courses are extremely challenging that makes them unfeasible to attain a respectable score. The easiest courses are made for the novice golfers and for those who may require a confidence booster while the sturdy golf courses fit into the playing approach of veteran golfers.

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