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Procedures On Building Backyard Putting Greens

Everybody knows, golf is regarded as one of the most popular sports for everyone nowadays. Creating professional backyard putting greens in your house lets you practice your putting well, helping you to do well in your game and hopefully end up a champion in an actual golf match. There are several companies that you could hire for the job or you can also opt to install the artificial turf on your own.

Ryder Cup 2014, Gleneagles, Scotland

The build up to the eagerly anticipated 2014 Ryder Cup that takes place in Gleneagles, Scotland. The best players in Europe take on the best of the USA. The Europeans will be looking to retain the title they so dramatically won on the last day at Medinah in 2012.

Choose the Right Outfit for Golf

Playing golf is more than a hobby for some people; it is also a good way to network and stay fit. Nonetheless, you need to wear the right attire so you can better enjoy the sport. Your outfit may depend on your personal tastes, golf club requirements, or playing style so you have to be careful with your choices. Here are some tips to follow when choosing the right attire for the sport.

Unless You Ask For It, Do Not Accept Swing Advice

Ever played golf with that person who can’t help but give you advice over and over? Maybe you are that person? In this article I talk about why you can not listen to this advice and how it could destroy your golf game. Unsolicited swing advice killed my putting for a year, and I’ll never let that happen again!

Find Someone Who Believes In You – Your Fast Track To Success On The Golf Course

Having someone believe in you is so very powerful. When you are a golfer it can boost your confidence like no other. Play with positive, fun and empowering playing partners. your game will thank you every time.

Over 50 Golfer? Fix Your Left Wrist Breakdown (Cupping) for Longer Drives and Crisper Iron Shots

Golfers over 50 are more likely to “cup” the left wrist to help the ball into the air. However, cupping the left wrist, or letting it break down in the impact position results in poorly hit golf shots and a severe loss in distance. Review this quick article to master the impact position hit penetrating and long golf shots.

Have Patience On The Golf Course

Patience is a virtue. This is true in a lot of places and most definitely on the golf course as well. Have fun out there, but you don’t have to hit a miracle shot every time! If you want to lower your scores, then patience is a must.

More Tips on How to Improve Your Golf Stance

In this article we will improve your stance through foot alignment and posture. Two important points to a balanced golf swing. I’ll also quickly touch on distance between your feet in relation to your club selection.

Golfing Equipment – How to Choose a Golf Cart

If you are thinking about buying a new or used golf cart and need a little help in deciding, this article may help you out. There are a couple of things that need to be considered before you make your decision. Continue to read through this article and I will share my choices with you.

How to Improve Your Stance When Hitting the Golf Ball

How to Improve your Golf Stance. A golf swing is an integral process using your body head to toe. This article will explain what I consider the starting point to a balanced golf swing. Your stance is the stabilizing factor for your balance.

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