Interview with Chris Voshall from Mizuno | NPG 106

Choosing a Rangefinder Can Be Hard Work

What type of Rangefinder do I need? What features are available on rangefinders?

Golf Swing Tips – 3 Best Golf Swing Tips For Instant Improvement!

Do you have difficulty hitting crisp pitch shots? What should you use instead of the traditional bunker escape? Answers to these questions and more are in this article.

Gripping the Putter

As you can imagine, good putting mechanics start in the grip and the movement of the hands. There are a couple things to remember when trying to understand the putting grip, for starters there is no perfect grip or a universal grip that all the pros use that you don’t know about. Second, the most important thing about finding a good grip is to be comfortable just like everything else.

“Golf” Shooting in the 70s, Golf Tips V – Discover Your Perfect Golf Swing Now!

In depth golf tips on how the golfer will find his own personal golf swing. The reason why it is always better to hit the golf ball with speed instead of force. A lesson on how to find a more smooth golf swing.

Few Tips For Your Golf Improvement Plan

As per the rules of the games it is played on a golf course usually with nine to eighteen holes. And you have to take a stroke with a small ball from decided distance with a club. The winner is the one who does maximum holes with minimum number of strokes. It seems to be an easy game but it needs lots of attention and sound concentration.

History of Miniature Golf Or Crazy Golf

Miniature golf, or crazy golf in the United Kingdom, is a miniature version of the game of golf. Even though the international sports association “World Minigolf Sport Federation” prefers the name of “minigolf,” the general public has many other names for this miniature game of golf. In addition to minigolf, it’s also referred to as mini-golf, midget golf, goofy golf, crazy golf, shorties, extreme golf, adventure golf and mini-putt.

Make Short Game Practice Sessions Short

The more practice the better. Who can argue with that? But I would suggest that when it comes to the short game, that means frequency, not duration.

Fix Golf Slice – 2 Tips to Fix Golf Slice For Instant Improvement!

Do you know how to fix your golf slice? This article will give you some helpful tips.

Golf Putting Tips – 3 Golf Putting Tips to Help You Instantly Improve Your Putts!

Do you know how to find your perfect balance? Do you know how to find your correct stance width? If you want to improve your putts this article will give you tips on how to do all three.

Golf Secrets – Uncovering Golf Secrets to Improve Your Game Instantly!

Just this one golf secret will improve your game instantly, yet few know about it or use it. Please read this article for details.

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