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Golf Rules And Definitions

This article will explain some of the rules of golf and their definition. For example, what is meant by the term addressing the ball mean? Answer, a player has “addressed” the ball when he or she have taken their stance and has also grounded their club. Grounding means once the club has touched the ground the player is deemed to have grounded the club.

Golf Etiquette On The Golf Course

Golf etiquette on the golf course. Golfers are expected to adhere to basic but extremely important rules. This means that a golf player must understand the etiquette relating to safety and good manners that is expected of them every time he or she steps onto the golf course to play a round of golf. This article explains some of the most important aspect of this etiquette.

Golf Rules To Help The Golfer

Golf rules to help the golfer. I have found when playing with some golfers that many of them do not know some of the important rules for golf, and this can lead to some friction between players when a rule is called into play. Through this article I hope I can help explain a few which I find are the most encountered and problematic during a round of golf.

Golf Rule On Lateral Water Hazard

Golf rule on lateral water hazard. This article will explain the rule concerning a lateral water hazard. It can be confusing for beginner golfers who are just starting out playing and do not know what the exact rule is regarding water hazards, so I hope this article will give them some insight as to how they should approach and play it.

Golf Hypnosis – The Truth Behind the Secret Mental Training Method of the Pro’s

Golf hypnosis has been a secret mental training technique of professional golfers for decades. However, the majority of golfers are still left in the dark about what hypnosis really is. Discover the truth behind the most powerful mental training technique available; golf hypnosis.

Mental Golf Tip – 5 Rules for Using Affirmations Effectively To Strengthen Your Mental Game

Affirmations DO work but you have to know the rules to follow. Discover the rules of effective affirmations so you can train your brain to achieve more of your goals. Put this mental golf technique to work in your game because you will love the results.

6 Key Types Of Golf Practice Equipment

A popular statement that people make regarding going an activity or playing a game is with regards to practice making a person better at doing something. Similarly, in the game of golf, practice could indeed be beneficial. When an individual devotes or dedicates their time to an activity and continues to practice, there is the increased likelihood that the person would eventually get better over time.

Success on the Golf Course Starts With Your Self-Talk

Negative thinking and self-talk can have detrimental effects on a golfer’s performance. Discover an effective 4 step process for improving your self-talk and establishing a positive mental attitude for success on the golf course.

3 Little Words That Can Hurt Your Golf Game In a BIG Way

Golfers, quit sabotaging your golf game by using three negative words that you can easily eliminate. Learn how your language can help you lower your score. This fundamental lesson in the mental golf game is a must for all golfers who want to be their best on the golf course.

Do You Suffer From ‘Rake-And-Hit’ Syndrome at the Driving Range?

Golfers, are you suffering from Rake-And-Hit syndrome at the driving range and don’t even know it? This article reveals what it is and how you can prevent it.

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