LESS EFFORT in your swing to hit the golf ball further!!

Looking for More Challenging Golf? Play Desert Golf

Interested to play golf with some of nature’s meanest creations? Teeing off with critters and rattlesnakes isn’t exactly a usual golfer’s idea of the game, but you’ve got to admit, the prospect is exciting to say the least. If your idea of golf is grass and more grass, then playing desert golf will definitely give you a new perspective.

Tips to Avoiding Bad Deals in Discount Golf Vacation Packages

You’ve been planning for the longest time to go on a golf vacation in any of the top golfing destinations in the country. From Myrtle Beach to Hawaii to Las Vegas, your imagination knows no limit on where you’re planning to spend your very first golfing getaway in. Unfortunately, your pocket does. You know you can’t afford a first-class golf vacation. So you search the web for discount golf vacation packages online, and true enough, you found a three nigh-stay with a couple of rounds of golf for only $135. Not bad.

How to Go About Planning Your Golf Getaway

If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of work and enjoy the game you love to the fullest, spending your vacation in a golf resort is the perfect retreat. No other stress-buster in the world could take the pressures of daily living off your shoulders than the prospect of doing nothing for three or four days but swinging your clubs and sinking the putt.

Why a Golf Vacation Benefits the Whole Family

Picturesque landscapes, great golf courses, complete amenities– all these are the trademarks of a golf vacation. It’s a time to relax, unwind and have fun while still being able to practice your golf swing. However, you might be hesitant to book your family for a week in any of the great golf resorts scattered across the country especially if you’re the only golfer in the house.

Tips to Cleaning Your Golf Clubs

Your golf clubs are necessary and expensive pieces of equipment you need for your golf game. You need to care for them as best you can not only to prolong its usage and save you money for replacements, but also to get them ready for use the next time you go to the green. Ideally, you should clean your golf club as soon as you get home to avoid dirt from sticking in your club, causing rust to build up that will later cause corrosion to the iron head.

How Golf Enhances a Marriage

It’s simply amazing how most wives don’t bother to go with their husbands to the latter’s golf games. Given the fact that most men play golf together with their male buddies and consider this their time to do some exercise and hang out with friends, still, even when husbands ask their wives to go, the women would rather just stay home and sleep.

Burning Calories With Golf

One wouldn’t think of golf as a weight loss exercise. It isn’t a fast-action sport and neither is it a weight-training activity. However, it is possible to burn calories with golf because it is the one sport that allows you the chance to walk anywhere from four to six hours in one 18-hole game. You can burn anywhere from 800 to 1,400 calories in one game and that can have positive consequences in your quest to lose weight.

Golf Lessons for Your Child

Golf is usually played by old people. At least, this is the traditional common perception. However, this is fast changing with the interest many young people have given for the game in recent years. If you are currently into golf, it is actually a good game to teach your child. Not only will your junior golfer learn how to putt, chip or drive a ball to the fairway, he will also learn valuable life lessons from it as well.

Golf: It’s a Woman’s World, Too

From time immemorial, it seems that women have had to slug it out with men in order to get recognized in the area of sports. Of course, the huge differences in physical structure, strength, stamina and endurance are mostly to blame for this reluctance to consider the fairer sex as co-equal with men in the field of athletics. Even up to this day, sports competitions generally have separate categories for men and women.

How to Be a Gentle Player on the Golf Course

Since golf is not a gender-specific game, I will use the term “gentle player” to describe the gentleman or gentlewoman who plays on the golf course. While golf etiquette has been discussed countless number of times in many different sources, it’s well- worth repeating, rehashing and reviewing as the game continues to attract younger players to the course.

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