Microchip GPS tracked golf ball – YOU CAN’T LOSE IT!?

Training for Junior Golfers – Physical and Mental Training

For those younger golfers who wish to take up the game, we would like to set a few guidelines on what sort of training should be conducted at what ages. Every junior golfer must be taken individually, but I think a few generalities exist for the physical and mental training for junior golfers.

Nike Vs Callaway Drivers – Comparing Different Golf Drivers

The driver in golf is considered the longest as well as the lowest-lofted wood. It’s also called a “1 wood”. Wood in golf, on the other hand, is that particular type of golf club generally used to hit that ball at greater distances. This is why many golfers are looking for the best types of drivers that they can make use of. You may have seen posts from blogs, forums and other golf-related sites discussing driver comparisons such as “Nike vs Callaway drivers” and other similar or related comparisons.

Golfers: Thinking About Par Can Cost You Strokes

Do you keep your score in your head as you play golf? You know it causes you anxiety which prevents you from doing your best, but you can’t stop doing it. So don’t fight it. Keep your internal score. To maintain your sanity, though, keep it in the right way.

Golf Swing Plane

One of the greatest new discussions in the golfing society at this time will be whether or not your golf swing plane is actually in line with your shoulder plane and exactly how those factors influence your effectiveness to hit the ball lengthy and also straight. You may be questioning, “Just what is this guy talking about?” If that is the situation I then will surely show you what I’m saying. Throughout this article we are gonna speak briefly about the two most popular types of swings out there today that the PGA Tour pros make use of, and my goal is that by discussing this it may help you be more aware about your own swing.

Taylormade R11 Golf Driver Review

If you were a fan of the original R9 Driver then you are going to love adding at least an extra 6 yards of distance to your drives with the new R11 Golf Driver from Taylormade. Find out what makes this beast the most customizable golf driver ever created.

5 Best Features of UPro Golf GPS That Surprised Me

This a my review about 5 best features of uPro Golf GPS. This device is the perfect gadget to help us to reach the next level of golf skill. It is easy to use and best for both beginner and advanced golfers. Though Callaway uPro Golf GPS comes with a lot of high-end features but it cost you with cheap price and preloaded with thousands of course for FREE.

How to Hit Short Pitches Under 20 Yards

Where do you start talking about the short game? From 100 yards in? Sixty? The short game that concerns you the most is from distances where you can expect to get down in two more often that not. For recreational golfers, that’s about 20 yards and in. Short pitches are part of that game. Here’s how to hit them close to the pin.

How to Play From Uphill and Downhill Lies

Golf is played in nature. We don’t have a consistent playing surface to hit the ball off of. Rolls and dips in the fairway are part of the game. When your golf ball is sitting on ground that is not level, a few adjustments to your setup and your swing are all you need to hit a shot as good as one from a perfect, level lie.

How To Play From Sidehill Lies

To be a complete golfer, a player needs to know how to play the ball off an uneven lie. The main difficulty in golf is that we hit the ball of the ground, not while it’s in the air. When the ball is not at the same level as our feet, complications arise. Playing a shot with the ball either above or below your feet is common. Here’s how to play it well.

Golf Tip and Drill: Feet Together

One of the most damaging moves a golfer can make in his or her golf swing is to sway off of the golf ball. This usually starts at the very beginning of the backswing, when in an effort to help the golf swing gain momentum, the golfer allows his or her body to move laterally to the right for the right handed. This unadvised movement immediately takes the backswing out and around the golfer, and severely off of the ideal swing plane.

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