The Golf Swing – A Beginners Approach to Improvement

How often have you arranged a tee time and waited eagerly with anticipation to a great day, playing a round with your clients in ideal conditions, only to trail off the 18th green with a scorecard to forget? We’ve all done it, more often than we would care to admit.

The Best Golf Backswing Tips – How to Properly Perform the Technique to Get Better Golf Swing

Learning how to properly perform a golf backswing will definitely lead to a better golf swing. Moreover, once you learn how to properly perform this technique you will be able to execute more accurate and longer shots. Take a look at these golf backswing tips, which will show you how to properly perform the technique.

The Short Game is Where You Can Save the Most Strokes

Your short game is where you can save the most strokes. Chances are you’re going to hit a nasty shot from time to time but your putting is the place where consistent results can be a reality with the right kind of practice routines.

Can Tiger Woods Come Back?

After his uber-publicized apology ceremony a few weeks ago, many sport commentators and golf enthusiasts over the world were wondering what Tiger Woods would do next. The legendary golf champion seemed genuinely remorseful for the immense tort he’d wrought upon his family and vowed to do everything in his power to reconnect the “trust dots” with his loved ones.

Should You Buy Used Golf Clubs?

Are you thinking about buying some new clubs for the upcoming golf season? Spring time is a good time to look around for a new set of golf irons because the manufacturers are all releasing their new products to market.

Golf Equipment – 4 Secrets to Playing Better Golf

Golf clothing that you choose should be comfortable and appropriate for the game and the weather. Not sure what golf clubs, golf balls, and other equipment to purchase?

Build Your Golf Training Routine

Proper training is an important factor in improving your game. An often overlooked aspect of golf training is the short game. Extra time at the range hitting the long ball is a blast; nothing will improve your game more than spending you time working on shots ranging less than 100 yards.

Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Bags

Planning to play this weekend? Are you thinking how to carry all golf equipments? Well, consider buying golf cart bags. They are the ultimate where golf equipment storage is concerned. The cart bags are of various sizes and costs, but how does cost matter when it renders such a useful purpose!

Golf – How to Hit Your Driver Straight

Get the ball in the fairway off the tee and you’re on offense. You can carry out your game plan for the hole. Miss the fairway and you’re in recovery. No fun. Let’s see how to straighten out that driver so you can have the fun you deserve.

Golf – What to Practice at Home and How to Practice It

You don’t have to go to the range to get in some solid golf practice. You can practice at home for a few minutes every day in the time you have and build up essential golf skills.

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