Most UNLUCKY golf shot caught on camera!

Learning the Basics on How to Start Golf

Learning the basics on how to start golf would be the best place to start. Most people who venture to this sport are looking for a way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Read on to learn more.

Putting Greens Tips to Effectively Put Your Way to Victory

When going on the putting greens there are a lot of things to keep in mind. There are plenty of tips that you need to know when finally going out to play the game.

Golf Tips – Improving Your Par

How often do you play a round of golf and wish that you had scored closer to par? One, two or even three shots off your score for the round would make it a wonderful day. But how, without all of these crazy ideas that you can pick up on various video sites, can you realistically improve your game?

Serious Core Strength For Golf From a Single Exercise!

Are you a golfer looking to increase your core strength in order to drastically improve your golf game? If so then permit yourself a minute to read the following article and apply the single exercise that I have included here to help you with your core strengthening workout!

Golf For Beginners – Everybody Can Learn This Game, So Let’s Get Started

The beginning golfer should be aware that much is made of the history of the game of golf. That discussion includes not only golf’s European origins, but also the evolution of golf etiquette and rules of play through the centuries. The beginning player should get a feel for the history and transformation of the game before he or she gets too far along in the learning experience.

Can Tiger Get in the Hunt Again?

It has been five months since the hottest name in golf left the game after falling from grace before a world wide audience. He has announced that he is coming out of his self-imposed seclusion and will participate in the U.S. Masters to be held in Augusta in three weeks. How will his return be greeted?

Basic Golf Swing – How to Fine Tune Your Golf Swing

Golf is a game where patience and a good hip can take you a long way. Some say that it actually shortens their life, however I do not see how this can be the case.

4 Simple Tips For Improving a Golf Swing Fast – Every Golfer With a Good Swing Knows These Tips

If you think all you have to do is step up to the golf ball and swing your club to effectively hit the ball, then you are sadly mistaken. Effectively hitting the golf ball requires much more than that. The golfers that really want to be good know that they need to improve their swing.

Basic Golf Swing – Simple Golf Basics

You must be geared up properly in order to play golf. The article will give you a good idea of basic golf equipment and how to improve your basic golf swing.

How To Putt Better And Lower Your Scores

You hit a ok drive, in the rough, but playable. You are happy with that. You a second shot, you make good contact but pull it. Happens to everyone.

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