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Golf Putting Tips – Essential Golf Putting Tips to Improve Your Gaming Skills

According one survey, golf is one of the favorite sports for most of the people; some of them are playing for relaxation and some of them for participating in tourneys. There are so many aspects to be considered for in the game of gold and putting is one of them. Most of the people are unable to understand that putting is primarily a mental game.

Foot Pain is Hurting Your Golf Swing Too

One podiatrist who treats patients that play a lot of golf are reporting that treatment of common foot injuries is also resulting in dramatic improvements in their patients golf scores. These doctors say that in most cases their patients had been experiencing pain and discomfort in their feet for some time and that they had unconsciously adjusted their golf swings to accommodate for the pain.

How is a Golf Ball Like a Formula One Car?

Although modern golf balls are marvels of chemistry there is one aspect of golf ball research and design that is only now beginning to take scientific baby steps. For a golf ball, just like a Formula One racing car, aerodynamic drag has a big effect on the speed that the golf ball can travel through the air while gravity tries to drag it down to earth. Gravity always wins of course but research physicists at Arizona State University and the University of Maryland are using supercomputers to model the effects of aerodynamic drag on a golf ball in flight.

You Can Improve Your Putting at Home

If you love to golf and do not have the time or the money to take as many professional lessons as you would like, putting mats can make a big difference in lowering your golf scores. Even if you could afford to take professional lessons and had the time to golf every day, a putting mat at home or at the office will still sharpen your golfing skills.

Golf Ball Science is Being Held Back

Tom is an average weekend golfer. He has a very busy work week with no time to practice so he gets to play only on weekends. He is fighting to keep his handicap under 20 and he likes to drive the golf ball farther than everybody else in his foursome.

Famous Foreign Golf Courses

There are golf courses for the locals, and then there are golf courses so famous they attract golfers from all around the world. Thinking about taking a global vacation? Put one of these courses on your itinerary and try it yourself. You can play a few holes on a golf course you normally only see on your TV as Tiger tees off. Here’s a look at some of the most famous foreign golf courses.

Superior Performance at a Great Price – Clone Golf Clubs

When some people think about buying a new set of golf clubs, or even an individual club, they dismiss cloned golf irons and drivers from their list of possibilities. The first thing that pops into their mind when they think about golf clubs is that old saying, “You get what you pay for.” We’re here to tell you the old saying is wrong, at least when it’s used to describe our clones.

Pebble Beach Golf

Blade irons work great in these cases for the pros, but for normal mortals who aren’t lucky enough to own a Pebble Beach Golf home (you know those of us with “real” day jobs and mortgages), they are more likely to get good results from perimeter-weighted irons even with inconsistent swings. Forgiving irons such as those with perimeter distribution “correct a shot” so you can’t shape them.

Why Custom Made Clubs Are Right For You

If you think you are a good golfer then that means that you should buy good, read that as expensive, golf clubs and premium three-piece golf balls, right? Before you answer that you should ponder the results of this consumer research study that was done at the University of Michigan.

Biofeedback Improves Your Golf Swing in 15 Minutes

When asked why he could hit the the golf ball so much farther than just about anybody else Bobby Jones, one of the best golfers ever, said that he just lets it happen. “I don’t fight gravity.”

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