My BEST Swing Drill For Great Ball Striking

Are You Happy Being the Average Golfer? If You Are Then Don’t Bother to Read This Article Now

You know that it is true, I don’t have to tell you, that if you do what average golfers do then you will get the same results and just become an average golfer yourself. Now I don’t know if you want to just be very average or whether there is a secret desire inside of you to play better golf, and a deep feeling that you are capable of playing much better more often than you do? Only you know this but I know what average golfers do and I run a mile from it because I don’t want to be average, how about you?

Golf Swing Training Club – Five Tips For Making Perfect Contact For Duffers

Discover the secret to making perfect contact like the pros. Just a few tips along with the help of a good golf swing training club and you’ll be hitting it better than ever. As you read this article you’ll realize just how easily you can turn yourself into an excellent ball striker.

If Your Club Has These Problems, You May Be in Need of Renovation (With Apologies to Jeff Foxworthy)

Are rubber boots or a hard hat part of your standard golf wardrobe? If so, you may be in need of renovation. Is your membership’s favorite reading material information about other nearby clubs? Then you too may be in need of renovation. Although the above may be a slight exaggeration for most clubs, varying degrees of these, and other problems, are an indication that some renovation work may be needed.

Tips to Become a Better Putter

This articles gives things to focus on as a whole that most people don’t think about. It tells you what kind of goals to set for yourself around the putting green and the best way to practice short and long putts.

Golf Strokes – The Drive

This article discusses one of the golfer’s saving shots, the drive. This is the shot played off the tee at the start of a game.

Review of Clicgear 2.0 Golf Push Cart

We definitely liked the sporty looks of the Clicgear 2.0 and its solid and stable feel on the course. And we highly recommend that you spend the $10 to get the nifty shoe cleaning brush accessory! Less appealing is the fact that when it’s folded up, it isn’t exactly small, which could be a problem if storage space is at a premium in your vehicle.

How to Fix Your Golf Slice – By Using a Proven Formula

If you follow this proven formula, you will fix your slice in the quickest time frame. Work on one thing at a time when changing your golf swing to fix your slice. This is a proven formula for fixing a slice and a true winner.

Golf Lessons For Beginners – Important For New Golfers

Good golf habits are very important for new golfers to acquire. Golf lessons for beginners that are taught by a professional should be an important consideration for new golfers. This is the best way for a newbie golfer to learn the game of golf.

If You Want to Break a Golf Losing Streak & Win Again You Need to Know How to Break the Losing Cycle

How do you break a losing streak and get back on the winners trail? Why do golfers on a winning streak stay there for a while? What comes first, confidence or winning?

Left Handed Irons

When people hear the words “left handed irons”, some may think it refers to the gadgets utilized to iron clothing. Others may simply think there is no such thing; that it is simply one of those jokes used to make one look less than intelligent. I remember once when I was young; my Dad told me to go to school and ask my Shop teacher if I could borrow his “Left handed Monkey Wrench”.

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