A Look at Footjoy Golf Shoes

I tried the Foot Joy “Dryjoys” out this year after being recommended by a friend. The first round we played in it was pouring and these shoes passed the test with ease. My feet were completely dry and in complete comfort. These are the leading golf shoes in the waterproof technology and come with a great two year warranty. I recommend these shoes to any golfer looking to those golfers looking to stay dry in the wet areas of the country!

Do You Have Golf Swing Problems?

Are you experiencing problems with weight transfer during your golf swing? Are you swinging the club very fast? Here we examine the two problems that many golfers suffer from.

Golf Terminology of Old

This is a description of some of the old terms used in the golfing world of the past. Some of these words are still in use today.

Committed to Improving Your Golf

Golf is a combined sport of mental approach as well as physical. Find your winning swing and improve your game 100% per cent.

Golf Stretches Can Help You Amp Your Game

If you want to play golf regularly there are some exercises you should do not only before a game but on a regular basis to keep you limber enough to enjoy the game. These exercises can also prevent you from sustaining injuries while you play.

Can a Golf GPS System Improve Your Golf?

Golf is a game and like every game there has to be a winner and a loser. Using a golf GPS system could well ensure that you are the winner!

How Much Will a Golf GPS Rangefinder Really Cost Me?

Golf is a great game, no matter what your wife tells you! It can be even better if you win a few rounds, and a rangefinder will help with that.

Pound 300 Yards Drives – Add 30 Or More Yards With These 3 Simple Tips!

One of the most exciting aspects of golf is hitting a long drive. The only bad part is that most golfers cannot do it consistently, and even when they do catch one solid, it still does not go as far as they want it to. Here I am want to share with you 3 tips that you can use to bomb your tee shots, and make sure that you out-drive all of your playing partners.

How to Improve My Golf Swing – 3 Priceless Tip to Get Your Game Up to Par!

Are you looking for answers on how to improve your golf swing? In this article I am going to share with you 3 golf swing keys that I have used to drastically improve my golf swing. Just follow these 3 simple steps and you will be well on your way to a much more better, and more effective golf swing.

A Unique Putting Strategy to Help You Read Greens and Make More Putts

Putting is one of the tougher things to do when trying to develop a stronger game. It makes it even tougher when you can’t properly read a green. Lets face it. If you can’t read a green how do you know where to start your putt? Most people don’t.

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