3 Tips For Choosing a Golf GPS System

Your know your golf game will improve when you get a GPS system. So all that is left is to find the right GPS for you.

No Swing Thoughts!

We’re all looking for something we can rely on shot after shot, that one constant that will never let us down. Being guided by the feeling of the shot you’re about to hit is that constant.

Golf – Is the Seven Iron the Most Versatile Club?

For me, my seven iron has always been my favourite. Maybe it is because it was the first club I ever used many years ago when I had my first lesson. I think that has some bearing on it, but I have also found it to be a most versatile club and it has got me out of some tricky situations. I would like to pass on some suggestions on how you can you use the club and hopefully make it your favourite.

How to Choose the Right Golf Clubs For Your Game

The way we play golf has changed over the years. Modern equipment and new club design means we now play very different clubs compared to 20 years ago. The best way to play more consistent golf is to play the right golf clubs for your own particular game.

6 Tips to Help You Eliminate Your Slice and Improve Your Game

One of the biggest problems I see with most amateur golfers is dealing with a slice. We’ve all experienced it and when it happens are first reaction is to tinker with our swing. Golfers will try just about anything to keep their golf ball in play. Reducing your slice or eliminating it all together is one challenge that can be corrected and will improve your game quickly.

Get a Better Grip on Your Golf Game

When a new golfer first grasps a golf club prior to a swing he invariably does it the incorrect way, that is, in the palms. Ultimately any grip that gives you the results you want is a good grip. You might find that mixing up the grip for different kinds of shots that favor power or control is something worth a try. This article explores several nuances of different grips.



Left Handed Golf Tips

Almost any search that you do regarding golf is aimed towards right handed players. I would like to give you some left handed golf tips that are important for all of you lefties out there to start playing better golf.

Plus Size Outfits For Fans of Ladies Golf

During this past summer, a group of fashion-conscious lady golfers were planning to attend the outdoor barbeque that would kick-off the athletic season at an all female institution in Massachusetts. Those ladies were appearing at the scheduled barbeque in their best women’s golf clothing.

2 Secrets to Get Your Golf Ball Out of That Heavy Rough

It would be lovely, although some people might say a little boring, if you could keep your ball on the fairway and out of the bunkers and rough all the way to the green but, in the real world, that simply does not happen – even for the best of professional golfers. We all hit the odd shot, or in some cases numerous shots, off fairway and into the rough or into a bunker, but the real problem comes when your ball ends up in heavy rough with grass coming up to your knees. In this case all too many golfers take several ‘hacks’ to get their ball out and the hole becomes a complete disaster.

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