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Golf Putting Technique – 7 Golf Putting Lessons

Working on your golf putting technique can get aggravating if you don’t know what your doing. I have compiled 7 golf putting lessons for you to think about while your practicing or playing the golf course.

Golf Putting Tips – How to Play Long Putts With Ease and Confidence So You Never Lose Strokes Again

It is one of the most satisfying shots in golf. When you step up for a short putt and then watch with pride as it disappears into the cup. But what happens when you end up with a putt 20 feet from the hole with a triple break to contend with?

Are You Increasing Your Score With Your Golf Swing Grip?

Most golfers do not give enough thought to this aspect of their game, their golf swing grip. Should you be placing emphasize on your grip? I certainly think so, because just knowing that the golf club would not fly away from your hands while you hit is simply not enough to generate a good enough golf swing. Golf swing grip is much more than having your thumbs and fingers in line.

Golf Swing Tempo – A Simple Backswing Tip to Improve Your Accuracy and Make Your Day

Having just spent the weekend away golfing with 3 buddies, I wanted to share a tip that radically improved my golf score on the first day and hugely increased my enjoyment of the weekend. It was nothing revolutionary and I’m sure it won’t be anything that you haven’t heard before at one time or another, but it’s one of the few things that you can check on for yourself during the course of a round that can help you get back on-track, if your golf game is just not where you want it to be.

Golf – At What Age Do You Stop Golfing?

When you reach a certain age, should you stop golfing? What if you are able to get out on the golf course and are supported by the best buddies a person can find? Golfing is about having fun, period, golf has no age restriction limit for the aging golfer.

At What Age Can a Child Start to Play Golf?

While playing a round of golf with my buddies a question revolved around – at what age can a child start to play golf. One of the best things about playing golf is that it can be played your entire life, regardless of your age or sex.

Correct Golf Slice?

There are many golfers who suffer from a golf slice. There are also many golfers who do not know all the techniques of this very interesting game. So, it is very important to know how to correct your golf slice. There are many golfers who find it very difficult to recover from this problem of slicing. The first thing that you need to do is to concentrate on your wrist as well as your twist. You should always go for keeping your arms parallel as well as even when you go for addressing the ball.

A Simple Golf Slice Cure?

If you are someone who is out to play golf and you wish to avoid a golf slice, then this article would help you in getting a golf slice cure. Sometimes, you might find low-handicap golfers who go for slicing their tee shots suddenly and that too without warning. The first thing that you need to do when you wish to go for golf slicing is to stay calm.

Correcting Your Golf Slice – Proven Cures

Golf is a game if opposites. When we say so, you might be confused to what does it actually means. Well, in golf you need to hit down if you wish to hit the ball high. In the same way you need to hit at the left if you wish the ball to go left. Golf slicing happen to many golfers no matter how good they play. So, it is very important that you make a good effort in correcting your golf slice. You need to understand that there are mainly two things that cause slicing of the golf ball.

Tips For Curing Your Golf Slice

Slicing is considered to be the worst nightmare for a golfer as they know that it takes away all the pleasure of the game. This is the reason they go for looking tips for curing your golf slice. It is very important for a golfer to have a good knowledge about the game of golf. You should always make it a point to hit the ball squarely as well as straight.

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