The Mental Gateway to Consistent Golf

How long have you played the game? Are you constantly improving or have you hit the proverbial glass ceiling? Despite quantum advances in equipment technology, Smartphones with HD video replay and unlimited access to free on-line instruction, the majority of once a week golfers struggle to break 90 consistently. This article illustrates a crucial turning point for the once-a-week golfer

How to Play Fantasy Sports – PGA Tour Fantasy Golf Tips for Newbies

Although PGA Tour fantasy golf is a simpler form of daily fantasy sports to learn, it isn’t a very familiar one to many. But even if you’re not familiar with the golfing scene, daily fantasy golf is very much worth a try, and we’d like to help you out with it. So read on as we now present to you some interesting and useful tidbits about daily fantasy golf, and how to play it if you’re a newcomer.

Golf Swing Tips – Should You Hire a Golf Pro?

Trying to perfect your Golf swing? There are golf pros and there are golf amateurs. And fortunately, the twain can and do meet, with very pleasant results for both parties.

How to Play Shots From the Sand Trap, Like a Pro

How to make the bunkers your friend. Fear not the bunkers but master them to shoot lower golf scores. Senior golfers can improve by learning how to hit bunker shots correctly.

The Power of Fear: Conquering The Avoidance Syndrome

Based on my experience with over eleven-thousand students, I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority find it easier to recall mistakes than successes. The fear of repeating a past mistake traps many golfers in the avoidance syndrome; they automatically focus on where they don’t want the ball to go. In most cases, the golfer isn’t aware of this tendency. This article offers a brief overview on how to overcome the avoidance syndrome.

Improve Your Golf Putting Skills And Lower Your Handicap Fast

Learning the game of golf is quite a challenge and it can be frustrating when your scores are not getting better. Discover some useful tips to help you improve your putting skills and shoot lower scores more quickly.

Learning to Play Golf Better and Shoot Lower Scores

Learning the game of golf can be a significant challenge however it is not impossible to get better if you can learn to do things the right way. Discover some useful tips to help you keep the ball in the fairway and reduce your handicap faster.

Become a Better Golfer Today – Break the Myths and Learn the Skills to Excel

Here are a few myths and key pointers that I have learned through my years as a golfer. If you follow my advise, you will, plain and simple, become a better golfer.

Easily Learn Exact Steps of How to Drive the Golf Ball Longer Improving Your Golf Swing Speed

Longer Drives Will be natural for you when you increase golf swing speed. Learn Details on the steps needed to achieve faster swings and longer distances.

Golf Swing Tempo and Knowing How Your Rhythm and Tempo Lead to Consistent Golf Swings

Understanding the interaction between Tempo and rhythm in your golf swing can improve your consistency in the game. Discover how to use your rhythm to develop tempo. More tips on relaxation to help and optimizing golf swing tempo

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