Are You Looking For A Golf Caddie App For Your iPhone?

Did you ever imagine that your iPhone could actually replace your golf caddie? Well, I certainly never did. But I had read a few write ups about it, so I thought I would give it a try. Let me tell you that I downloaded a new golf GPS app onto my phone. When I opened up this app it zoomed in right on my location! I was at my house at the time. All of the sudden, as quick as I could blink, my house and surrounding property popped up right on my iPhone. This gadget knows exactly where I am!

How to Find the Best Discount Golf Tee Times

It’s hard to believe in this day and age that anyone would still be inclined to purchase golf tee times directly from the course. The internet has changed the way we play golf! There are many opportunities online to purchase discount tee times from the best courses in States like Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana and no reason to contact courses directly and pay full price for your round of Golf.

How to Hit the Golf Ball Farther With a Simple Adjustment

There are many factors affecting distance in the golf course. In this article I will resume all possible in one. The single most important factor in increasing your distance is your mind.

4 Guidelines for Golf Beginners and Amateurs

Start to see improvement in your golf game quickly, and in as little time as possible. This article condenses all of the difficult golf concepts that you may not understand into four easy guidelines laid out for you to follow. Follow these tips to really start to develop a solid all around golf game.

Distance Control From 100 Yards In

From about 110 yards and out, we control distance by the club we select. The seven to eight irons/hybrids in our bag, with their graduated lofts, take us comfortably and predictably out to about 200 yards. Inside 100 yards is a different matter, since we don’t have clubs for the incremental distances we want to hit to. There are three ways of solving this problem.

Three Drills To Hit Your Irons Straighter

What is the scoring shot in golf? Many recreational golfers would say driving, or putting. The pros advise us that we should become good chippers. But for the pros themselves, the shot that makes the difference is the iron into the green. They win more tournaments by putting for birdies than by chipping for pars. Here are three ways to make your irons your scoring shot, too.

Rolling the Wrists Destroys the Golf Swing

One golf swing mistake that many golfers make, and that goes virtually undetected, is the rolling of their wrists on the takeaway. Most golfers are so preoccupied with the more visible mechanics of shoulder and hip turns, swing planes, and keeping their head steady, that it’s easy to see why such a minor movement, like the rolling of their wrists, could go unnoticed. But unfortunately it does.

Golf: The Royal Game

Golf has been listed at No. 3 spot by the survey conducted by the International Sports Foundation for Best Sports. Golf is quickly gaining momentum and more people are getting attached to it. Golf is often called the “royal game” because of its classic rules. You just need to have a club and ball with a standardize playing area in order to start with it. If you are looking forward to take the Golf as a profession, then you are most welcomed to do so. There is some real money stored in it. You will regularly find the Golf Tournament occurring all over the world. The prize money of such tournament is certainly quite hefty.

Stop Slicing The Golf Ball For Good

The most common problem for golfers is the slice, and how to stop slicing the golf ball. As a PGA Golf Instructor, I face this question every week. To solve this problem you must first understand why you slice the golf ball, before you can stop slicing. The slice is caused by a club path that is too much out to in, or over the top, and a clubface that is open. These two components create side spin on the golf ball, making it curve to the right, for the right handed golfer.

Is Your Golf Swing Set Up to Fail?

If there is anything that the average golfer can do just as well as the pros, it is in taking their set up positions. Specifically, I’m referring to using the proper fundamentals before swinging the golf club. Then why is it that so many of us either do not take the time to understand the fundamentals, or are ignorant to their benefits?

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