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Golf Swing Speed – Learn the Secret to Increased Distance

Many golfers constantly work on improving their golf swing speed. After all, the faster your club head hits the ball, the farther the ball travels. Improving your golf swing speed is a complicated task, but these tips should help you get the most out of your swing.

San Diego Open Sponsorship – An Example of PGA Issues

The PGA has been hit by a double whammy. The first was an economy that nearly laid us all out and may still do so. The second was the Tiger Woods mess that had paparazzi and gossip rags thinking they had died and gone to heaven. How all this would actually play out was a bit of an unknown, but the San Diego Open is providing a scary example.

Golf Swing Training – What You Need to Advance Your Game

A lot of new golfers make the mistake of dismissing golf swing training, claiming that they’ll learn to perfect their swing right on the course. If you keep track of golfers who make such claims, don’t be surprised if they don’t stay in the game long. Here are a few reasons why golf training should be a part of your own training regimen.

Breaking it Down – Golf Swing Analysis

Unison with each other in order create a fluid motion that will make the ball travel far and straight. In breaking down the setup of golf swing, there are three different elements that each contribute to making solid contact.

Golf Swing Help – How Do You Hit Longer Drives?

Playing golf is a mental game, and I think one of the keys to a good golf swing involves maintaining your confidence or belief in yourself whilst playing. Some people throw their golf club on the ground and get really annoyed when they hit a poor shot. This makes me smile – when does getting more annoyed about any situation help resolve that situation?

Tiger Woods – How Will His Absence Affect the PGA Tour?

Tiger Woods is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the PGA Tour. No doubt his absence will be felt at the gate and in television ratings. But just how keenly will he be missed?

Golf Swing Help – The Basics

Focus and concentration are critical skills for golf, and just like most things in life you have to focus on the foundations of a process to get good at it. The golf swing is the basic building block for the game and to enjoy your play. As with everything once you master the basics you can then develop your own golfing style if you wish.

What Does a Golf Handicap Really Mean?

If you play a lot of golf, then you probably have a handicap index calculated by the GHIN system (Golf Handicap and Information Network). It’s a complicated calculation that is determined by course rating/slope, your score and the math is best left to the computers. But what does the handicap number really represent for you, the golfer?

Golf Swing Help – Chunking Down Helps!

Most golfers are trying to improve the length of their drives, and it can be a confusing process. I like to think, and golf is no different, that with most things you need a solid foundation. So for golf swing help it is back to basics. There are many different programmes online for golf swing help and it is important to find the right one.

How to Fix a Golf Slice – Five Easy Steps

The quest to fix a golf slice can occupy a large proportion of a golfer’s time. Very few golfers, even the professionals, can hit a ball dead straight each and every time. So it is little wonder that the slice has become the subject of articles, websites and entire books.

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