Ping G430 Driver Review – Finally Ping’s PERFECT DRIVER?

Dual Hinge Golf Swing Trainer Review

An interesting look at golf trainers and how they can help your game. Learn about how dual hinge golf swing trainers work and if they can have you hitting longer, straighter more accurate golf shots!

Golf Help – Decrease Hooks & Slices & Overall Golf Scores

Decreasing hooks and slices and eliminating them from you golf game is easy if you have the right practice equipment that ensures you are hitting with the correct tempo and timing and in the correct swing plane. Learn how golf aids such as weighted golf swing trainers can help in swinging a golf club with the three aforementioned criteria!

What is the Best Golf Shoe?

ECCO Golf Shoes made a real difference in my enjoyment of the game. I stopped wasting hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on overpriced clubs. I realized that my shoes were on my feet non-stop, and that they were a more important piece of equipment than I had originally thought. The ECCO shoes are extremely comfortable, which has led to me being more relaxed throughout the game.

The Golf Course – A Guide For the Novice Golfer

A game of golf usually means playing through 18 holes and golf courses will normally consist of either 9 or 18 holes which will generally allow you to start and finish your game near the club house. In the case of 9 hole courses you can either play a short round of 9 holes or play the course twice for a full 18 hole game.

Looking For Beginner Golf Tips? See If These 3 Will Help Your Game

Unless you are one of the the very lucky few that are born a golf playing natural, you will need to know a few beginner golf tips to help get your golf game going in the right direction. Here are some beginner golf tips to help get your game off on the right foot.

Golf Umbrella – Which Features to Look For

Even though the golf season is almost over, it is never too late to invest in a quality golf umbrella, simply because it can also be used as an excellent way to protect from the rain and the wind in the city. So, how do you choose the right golf umbrella? What are the main features one should look for when going to an umbrella store? Here are the three main features that will separate a good golf umbrella from a cheap flimsy one…

Better Golf Scores With Dual Hinge Golf Swing Training Aids

If you want to improve your golf swing you need to know when and how you are making mistakes. Learn about dual hinge golf swing training aids and how they can help instantly identify problems in your golf swing so you can fix them and train for a better golf game on your very next round!

Golf Club Bounce – Tips and Techniques

Golf club bounce is a little understood aspect of golf clubs that can really affect your performance and score on the golf course. Read this article to learn more about golf club bounce.

Etonic Golf Shoes 101

I bought the Etonic Difference 3Z about a year ago and I believe they are the best overall golf shoe on the market today. They are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, and I wish they came out with a sneaker version of them.

3 Important Golf Lessons From the Movie Tin Cup

If you’re a true golfer then you know the movie Tin Cup. In my opinion its one of the greatest golf movies ever made. But one thing most people don’t realize is that there are three fantastic golf swing lessons to learn from that movie.

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