Playing a par 5 with ONLY a 7 iron! (VERY HARD)

How to Hit Uphill and Downhill Golf Shots

Playing uphill and downhill golf shot is not easy and that’s why these shots required regular practice. Here we list uphill and downhill golf shot playing tips to increase your confidence and lower your golf score.

Powakaddy Electric Golf Trolley – Winner All the Way

Electric golf trolleys arrived on the scene as a boon to all golfers and they have now advanced to the stage where even the movement of them can be carried out with the aid of a remote control. PowaKaddy now has decades of experience in manufacturing trolleys using the highest levels of technology and performance.

Golf Networking Sites – Socialize With Golfers

Avid golfers can use the golf networking sites to book online tee times at the public and private golf courses around the country. In addition, they can socialize with other golfers with the help of these sites.

What Would You Assess to Improve Your Golf Swing?

Mark was getting more and more frustrated with each game. He had started pulling some pretty bad form when it came to his golf swing mechanics, and his game was reflecting the fact he needed some serious work to reverse all those bad habits he had accumulated. But what would you assess to improve your golf swing?

Improve Your Golf Swing and Enjoy a Great Game of Golf

If you love playing golf but you are just frustrated with a bad swing that you almost always have a slice, then you can actually go back to the basics on how to do the proper swing so that you can improve your golf swing. However, if you are new to the game of golf, it is very important and essential to learn the correct and proper way of doing the golf swing so that you will not be making bad habits that can be difficult to correct later.

Beginner’s Guide – Tips On Buying Your First Golf Iron

So finally you made up your mind to start playing golf. Are you really enthusiastic in trying it and hoping to make it a part of your daily or weekly habit? Well, whatever your reasons are, it is all on you. What matters now is for you to get started with what you need in your first golf experience.

Golf Tips for Beginners – 6 Things You Need to Know to Play Better Golf

Golf is a great game that can challenge your concentration and focus. However, the game of golf is not just all concentration and focus. Of course, you have to learn how to swing that arm and hit that ball. If you love to learn the sport of golf, you can also learn a few golf tips for beginners that you might find useful.

All About the Purchase Of Golf Carts

Golf carts are deemed as fun vehicles used in games such as golf, or work. They are used for running around a golf course or a construction site. There are many options available when it comes to the purchase of the carts.

All About the Golf Cart

A golf cart is also known as a golf buggy or car. Only two players can fit in this small vehicle. The golfers are then taken round, with their golf clubs on board. They then go round the entire course without wasting time and energy walking.

The Four Major Golf Tournaments

It is important to note that the top four major tournaments in golf are often considered the most prestigious in the game. Interestingly, victory in such tournaments does not imply a winning the largest amount of money placed in dollar tournaments. The most coveted of these golf tournaments is the prestige associated with any single win. In a grand slam, a person wins all the four titles within the same year.

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