Playing golf with BIG balls…is BIGGER easier?

The 336 Method – Effective Breathing Technique For Golfers

Every golfer experiences stress on the golf course which means it is important for all golfers to know how to use their breathing to handle it effectively. Read on and learn a great way to do this.

Improve Your Practice With a Virtual Caddie – Mental Golf Tip

Incorporating a virtual caddie into your practice time is a fun and easy way to have a more productive day at the driving range. This simple strategy can help golfers of all skill levels develop their pre-shot routine, slow down at the range, and increase their level of focus. Discover more by reading on.

How Important Is Confidence Really for Your Golf Game

We hear so many commentators in all sports talk about confidence as seemingly the only thing that determines any sporting outcome. I have always thought it was lazy commentary, as when things go well it is because they’re confident and when things go wrong it is because they lost confidence. So the question becomes: does confidence produce success or is confidence a natural byproduct after we succeed.

Are Your Golf Clubs Ready For An M.O.T?

Are your golf clubs ready for an M.O.T? The only reason you are reading this article is because you are a golfing enthusiast. Now if you are like me, then you will want to play the best you can in every game. To play your best it is very important to make sure you are comfortable with the tools you use, which of course are your clubs. Wrong fitting clubs can have a disastrous effect on your golf results.

Mental Golf – How to Train Your Mind in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Golfers, learn a simple 5 minute mental golf exercise that can dramatically improve performance on the golf course. This techniques teaches golfers how to enhance focus, relax the mind and body, as well as improve swing performance through mental rehearsal. This is a must read if you are serious about your golf game.

Golf Psychology – The Worst Question Any Golfer Can Ask On The Golf Course

Golfers did you know that the questions you ask yourself on the golf course have power, and influence the way you think, feel, and perform. There is one question that is very destructive and must be avoided on the golf course. This golf psychology tip is one that all golfers should read.

Chip And Run Technique

When your fairway drive lands close to the green you think great, now all you have to do is play a chip and run shot. Sounds easy. Not really, for most golfers this can be very daunting, and a nervous part of the game. Landing close to the green is great, but now your chip has to land the ball as close to the flag as you can possibly manage. Winning or losing the game could depend on how well this shot is played. Read on and find out the correct way to approach this shot.

Controlling Your Putt Speed

How many times have you misjudged the speed and power which you needed to sink or get your ball nearer the flag? You lined up your putt, you took a few practice swings, then feeling confident that you have everything worked out to make your approach, you take your putt. Then exasperation and disbelief, it misses by a few feet, or it stopped short.

Golf Etiquette: Knowing How to Play Well and Play Fair

Standard rules of courtesy apply to sports of all types and kinds, and golf is no exclusion. Well rounded players do not merely understand how golf is played; they also show the behavior expected of real sportsmen, regardless of them being in a tournament or in an informal gathering of hobbyists. Play the game by the rules and extend courtesy to your fellow players.

Plugged Lie In A Sand Bunker How To Play This Shot

Plugged lie in a sand bunker, how to play this shot. So you have hit a terrific shot down the fairway but alas it has ended up plugged deep in a sand bunker. What are you going to do? How are you going to play this shot? Don’t worry, read on and you will find out the best approach to taking this stroke.

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