The Best Golf Game Formats

One very appealing aspect of golf to many players is the vast amount of different formats in which the game can be played. Let’s start with the two main formats; Match Play and Stroke Play, and then we will share some other interesting formats.

Solving the Slice

Having a problem slicing the ball? Use this method of training to help straighten out your drive and get your game to a new level.

Important Golf Definitions to Help Understand the Rules

This post may seem very basic to many golfers, but it’s often a mistake thinking that you know everything and can just simply skip through to another article. This post will help you understand and become familiar with the terminology and definitions often used in golf.

Golf: Good Senior Exercise, Just Recreation, Or A Complete Waste Of Time?

Many seniors find that getting enough exercise is more work than fun. Many turn to activities, such as golf, as part of a senior exercise program. The question is whether golf is really exercise, recreation, or just a waste of time as far as senior fitness and health is concerned.

The Delusion Of Consistency

The one goal that unites golfers at every skill level is the struggle for consistency. The idea sounds perfectly logical. The concept implies predictability, yet every avid golfer knows how unpredictable the game can be. How do we define consistency? This article suggests consistency is not an all-or- nothing concept, but a constantly changing definition based on how you feel.

Two Driving Range Games to Make Practice More Fun

Do you find the driving range a boring and repetitive task? Read on to discover two games that you can play at the driving range, which will increase the enjoyment you get from a driving range session and possibly lower your handicap.

What Height Do I Tee the Ball?

You’re quite new to the game of golf; you pull out the driver on the first tee along with a golf ball and tee. You begin to push the tee into the ground before stopping and asking yourself, ‘what height do I tee the ball?

The Relationship Between Music and Golf

Since the first ever bulky Walkman that was released back in the seventies, people have been using music on the go ever since. Now with the latest technology such iPod’s, MP3 players and Smartphones, we can all easily carry around our favourite music.

How A Golf Lesson Can Help Your Game

Having a golf lesson from your local PGA Golf Professional will have a huge impact on your game. Not only will you have an expert casting his/her experience in the golf swing it will do wonders for your confidence.

The Difference Between a Hacker and Scratch Golfer Is Patience and Persistence

As stated in the title, one major difference between a hacker, (high handicap) and a scratch golfer, (low handicap) is patience and persistence. They remain extremely patient with disregard to their slow and steady progress on the golf course, while continuing to be persistent even when they have bad days on the course and feel like they are never improving.

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