Shallow Easier With This Sneaky Backswing Move

Where to Find Cheap Golf Club Sets

Golf is a very popular sport and many people need clubs every year. Whether you are buying your first club set or if you are replacing an older set, you can save some money by looking for cheap golf club sets.

Custom Golf Club and Its Benefits

Do you want to buy a brand new set of golf clubs? Have you considered having a golf club set built to fit you? If yes, what are the benefits of having custom golf clubs?

Do You Have a Firm Grip on Your Putter?

One of the first things you learn when you start playing golf is how to grip a golf club and this simple lesson probably leads to more problems for students of golf than anything else when it comes to putting. Why? Simply because you do not want to hold the putter in the same way that you hold the other clubs in your bag. So how should you hold your putter?

Ways You Can Use Golf Tournament Logos

When you sponsor a golf tournament, you will find infinite uses for golf tournament logos. These can be the logos of the club where the tournament is being held, logos of sponsors who make the tournament possible, special logos created just for the event, or logos of the charities that everyone is playing for.

Golf GPS Systems – A New Way to Improve Your Game

Golf is a type of game that is played by people who like to think. You can see the small white ball that goes zipping through the air. It is really an exciting game that catches the thrill of the sport. If you are a golfer, then you might have come across the concept of Golf GPS systems. This system does not only help you a lot in improving your golf game but also provides you with a lot of satisfaction as well as enjoyment.

The Grip Can Lead to a Correct Golf Swing

When we have problems with our golf game and we seek the advice of the professional, he/she invariably changes our golf club grip. Is this that important?

Four Important Reasons to Practice Golf Putting Drills

Nothing can ruin a round of golf more then playing well off the tee and fairway but ending with a lousy score because of the number of missed putts. The average golfer simply does not spend nearly enough of his or her time practicing golf putting drills.

Choosing the Right Ball and Teeing Off at the Right Height

The choice of golf balls available today can be bewildering to say the least to the novice golfer and one thing that causes more mistakes than perhaps anything else when it comes to choosing a golf ball is its compression rating. In most cases novices believe that a tightly wound ball with a high compression rating will give them the greatest distance, but this is not the case and indeed the opposite is often true.

Developing a Proper Golf Swing

When most people start playing golf, they don’t start by going to a golf instructor or my researching what a proper golf swing is. Most people just go out and start hitting the ball. They develop a natural golf swing.

Easy Golf Grip Techniques For Beginners

The best golf grip is the one that is most natural. This means that the best way to hold a club is the manner by which you are most comfortable doing. This is, of course, easier said than done. Even the most seasoned of golf players still admit having problems with their gripping techniques.

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