Shallow The Club Easily With This Simple Elbow Move Drill

A Steady Head Is Key to a Great Golf Swing

Four golfing greats, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Ernie Els and Retief Goosen were US Open winners. Also in common, was their focus on keeping their heads steady throughout much of their swings.

Putting Drills: The Secret Weapon of Golf Pros

Want to drop strokes from your score ASAP? Practice putting drills! This may be the most common area of struggle that can be easily practiced with quick rewards.

How to Golf Better: Three Golf Tips to Lower Your Score

How can you upgrade your golf game more effectively? The game of golf involves a vast amount of knowledge and skills, so where do you start? Below are 3 simple tips you can do first to successfully bring down your golf score.

Jack Moorehouse Golf Swing Tutorial Book Review: How to Break 80

Are you motivated to break 80 in golf? Then Jack Moorehouse’s book, “How to Break 80” is written for you and the other 95% of golfers who are finding it difficult to lower their golf scores. The book also satisfies the need of golf enthusiasts for a golf instruction book that has a simple and straightforward style of explaining the steps to improving their golf game, and includes illustrations for easier understanding.

Golf Swing Lessons: Elements That Make a Golf Swing Good

New golfers may be a bit self-conscious and awkward about swinging the golf club their first few tries. To be more confident and prevent bad golf swing habits from forming, below is a step- by-step discussion of the essential elements of the golf swing for beginners.

Home Putting Green Cost – Save Big Today On Your Home Putting Green Cost

Wondering what a home putting green cost? Then you should read this entire article as I am about to share with you the cost and details of getting a home putting green. This article will definitely help you make the right choice when it comes to prices of a home putting green.

Artificial Outdoor Putting Green – Top 3 Benefits of an Artificial Outdoor Putting Green

If you have been trying to decide whether or not to invest in an artificial outdoor putting green, then I strongly suggest that you read this entire article. Having your own artificial outdoor putting green is the best thing that a serious golfer could possible do to improve his putts and overall game.

Synthetic Backyard Putting Green – Options For Setting Up A Synthetic Backyard Putting Green

Do you not always have time to make it to the course to practice? Well its time to start practicing your putts from the comfort of your own backyard with a synthetic backyard putting green. I strongly suggest that you read this entire article from top to finish as I lay down the benefits of owning your own synthetic backyard putting green.

History of Golf and Some of the Best Courses

What are some of the world’s most famous golf holes? Where are they located and who played on them? If you are an experienced golfer and always looking for a challenge then you will want to check this out!

Driving Distance and 3 Ways to Increase It

This article talks about driving distance of a golf ball and gives 3 ways on how to increase your distance. Everyone that has ever played golf wants to be able to hit the ball further. The normal driving distance for PGA tour pros is around 288 yards. This includes carry distance and roll. Normal golfers like us can hit it that far, but not very often and it would have to be a perfect hit. This article will help you reach the PGA distance and increase your golf ball driving distance.

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