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The Golf Swing Should Be Kept As Simple As Possible

The more things that you are trying to remember as you prepare to hit a golf ball the less likely you are to hit a good shot. The thoughts only add to the anxiety that you won’t be able to execute the swing properly; as soon as the doubts start to creep in you are in trouble. The golf swing needs to be kept as simple as possible to make it something that you can effortlessly repeat over and over again.

Getting the Proper Golf Instruction Will Improve Your Game

When you hit the ball does it slice off to the right or does it duck hook to the left? Are you coming down on top of the ball or hitting behind it? How you answer these questions will affect the type of advice you need to make corrections. When it comes to golf instruction one size does not fit all and you need to seek the help of a professional who can help you lower your score.

The Search For Great Golf Tips Never Ends

No matter how long you have played the game of golf or how long you are going to continue to play; the desire to get better is always present. No matter how good you are you can always get better, just ask Tiger Woods. This is why all golfers are constantly looking for golf tips or new equipment that can shave strokes off their score.

Develop a Better Golf Swing

There are so many things to remember to try and hit the perfect golf shot that many of us are not sure where to start. The key is to try and make the swing as simple as possible so that it can be easily repeated over and over again. Practice is the key to developing a golf swing that can lower your score.

Bridgestone’s New E Series Golf Balls

Golfer’s today are learning that custom fit golf clubs and lessons are just pieces of the puzzle when trying to lower their scores. They are starting to realize that the golf ball itself can make a large contribution to playing a great round.

The Perfect Golf Swing – Ben Hogan

Obsessed with perfecting his swing, Hogan developed what many consider to be the most efficient method of hitting a golf ball. He discovered a way to hit the ball with maximum force while not sacrificing any accuracy.

The Role of Compression in Finding the Best Golf Ball

A proper golf ball fitting takes into consideration many elements based on the golfer’s swing profile and preferences as well as the performance attributes of the golf ball. The influence of the golf ball’s compression on a proper fitting has changed since the demise of the wound ball in the late 1990s and introduction of the multi-piece solid golf ball. Back when golf balls were wound, manufacturers would mark the compression on the side stamp of the golf ball (i.e., 90, 100, etc). Due to advancements in materials and manufacturing techniques in golf balls, this is no longer done.

What Are the Benefits of Driving a GEM Golf Cart?

Global Electric Motorcars are among the world’s greatest innovation. It is in actual sense part of a process to reduce use of unsustainable and expensive fossil fuel. With constant rise in gas prices the world over, reduction in use of cars that burn gas would save costs and reduce environmental degradation.

What to Look For When Buying Golf Cart Charger

Gold carts use batteries to charge the electrical system of the engine. This could be charged using an alternator or charged using solar system. The goal is to have strongly charged batteries that will not make the cart to run out of power midway between the golf courses.

Stay Golf-Fit While You Sit!

Six easy tips and ideas to keep you in shape while at work if you can’t get time to stretch or stay loose. Sitting for extended periods of time restricts certain muscles from proper movement and will prevent you from completing a full swing.

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