Should Golfers Pay To Demo Clubs? GUEST: Bob Parsons

How To Make Your Own Practice Putting Green

A practice putting green is the ideal option to your usual golf course. The truth is, it can even be considered as your own personal golf course. The best thing is you can actually develop your own putting green in your garden. Listed below are the steps on building your garden putting green.

Why a One Plane Golf Swing Is Best for Beginners

Beginning golfers should focus on developing a swing that is ideal for the majority of their golf shots and one that they can repeat over and over again. Golf swing consistency is the key to improving as a novice golfer and the easiest swing to learn when starting to play golf is a one plane swing. A one plane golf swing is simply one in which the club travels the same path throughout the backswing and downswing. Besides being easier to repeat on a consistent basis, the other advantage of a one plane golf swing is that – when executed correctly – this swing will return the club face to the ball so that it is in precisely the perfect position at impact. Namely, in a position where the club face will impact the golf ball squarely. The following article discusses some additional advantages of a one plane golf swing, as well as how beginners can learn to execute a one plane golf swing properly.

Improve Golf Swing: How to Swing a Golf Club?

Swinging a Golf club is not the same as swinging a normal stick or a baseball bat.It requires a complex coordination of synchronized movements and timing on a network of skeletalmuscles, making sure that each would attribute to the others’ movement rather than hinder them. The Proper Golf Swing has a few checkboxes to fill before you can perform the perfect one; these check boxes consist of proper grip, a comfortable posture and pedal angle.

Reasons Why You Should Be Taking Up Golf

So you’ve been planning to take up golf as a sport for the longest time now. You still haven’t been able to give yourself that final push that would serve to make you do it and start playing the game at last. Even though you have always been interested in different kinds of sports, you have been undecided about finally taking up golf, even though your interest is really leaning towards it.

The Benefits of Golf

Golf has always had the appeal of a being a game for the elite of society or the affluent upper class. A game of golf has often times been associated with business deals and discussions, and even mergers worth millions of dollars.

Ways To Become A Professional Golf Player

Sports, as we all know has numerous entry levels. Whether it is soccer, basketball or football, one needs to start at the minimum level. It’s similar to starting out with kindergarten while you were a kid. Golf sport, therefore isn’t different from others. As with every other sport, golf also have a professional level. The difference between playing professional golf and amateur golf, nevertheless, is really wide.

Why Approaching The Game of Golf With a Simple Golf Swing Might Be For You

For many golfers the game they so enjoy can be a frustrating experience. This because they often see no tangible improvement in their score. Of course the main reasons for this how they approach the game and the methods they use to improve it.

How to Make Money From Your Fantasy Sports Leagues

A look at the many different Fantasy Golf Games you sign up and play in. You can play for free or for money.

Five Best Golf Gifts For Women

Nowadays there is an increasing number of women that are playing golf. That’s the reason why there is also a lot of golf accessories for women available in stores today.

Golf Swing Techniques – How to Hit a Golf Ball From the Inside to Out

Some people may think that making a good golf swing is easy, they may ask, why do we need to learn the fundamentals, the basics of swinging a 2 pound piece of metal, while all we need to do is to swing our arm far up, then bat it up with strong recoil? A good theory, but I doubt if it could hit the ball or if it does, it won’t get the ball far enough.

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