Golf Tips On The Lower Body Of The Golf Swing

Lower body of the golf swing is a simpler method of achieving a simplified turn thus making it more effective and consistent. This involves turning of the hips during a golf swing in a manner that is comfortable and less complicated.

Improve Your Golf With SkyCaddie

If you are looking to derive enhanced pleasure from your golf courses and want to make the rounds quicker, SkyCaddie will prove to be an excellent device. This compact handheld devise from Sky Golf offers global positioning technology (GPS) to golfers across the globe.

DIY Golf Cart Upgrades – They Aren’t As Expensive or As Difficult As You Might Think

There is nothing like going out to the course on a day off and enjoying the outdoors riding around on your golf cart. Until your rival pulls up next to you with his decked out cart with chrome wheels, headlights, GPS, stereo and every other cart accessory under the sun. Don’t be that guy!!! Most of those parts are very affordable with the right research, and most of them can be installed by you, with just the few tools you have already collecting dust in the garage.

Mulligans Are Not Always a Good Idea

Every golfer knows that there are games when they are just mucking around when they can take a “mulligan” and be alright.  A mulligan is a shot that was not intended and so the shot does not count on the overall score.

Learn to Create Backspin on a Golf Ball Like the Pros

Trying to impart backspin on a golf ball is something all golfers would like to do, but few can. It requires a pure strike on the ball, reasonable club head speed, and a knowledge of what you are trying to do. But if you can accomplish this shot, it will do wonders for your short game.

Where Did All the Golf Courses Go? A Look Into a Changing Industry

With various markets falling victim to the sluggishly recovering economy, the golf course industry is no exception, particularly in Orlando, Florida. Orlando is well known for an abundance of public golf courses, abounding with budding greens and nature’s imposing features. The Orlando golfer might once had hit the greens more frequently, but as the numbers show a recent past of declining revenue and low occupancy, golf courses are forced to offer low prices unheard of just 5 years ago.

Golf Grip Tips To Fix Your Swing

Researching golf grip tips to fix your golf swing is a very wise decision. Since your hands are your only contact with the club, it definitely affects the flight of your ball. Whether you hit a slice or a hook, you can change your grip and immediately correct you fault.

Why A Golf Vacation Is A Great Holiday Idea

The main purpose of a vacation is usually to relax and have some fun as well. However, this does not mean that you should not learn something new during the vacation. During holidays such as Christmas and Easter, there are certain destinations which are very popular among people.

3 Golf Practice Drills To Improve Your Game Fast

All golfers want to improve their golf games, and fast! Of course, it’s not enough to just warm up before a round. One must make a conscious effort to practice, and to practice with purpose. Here are 3 golf practice drills that can dramatically improve your golf game fast.

Finding the Best Golf Swing Instruction for You

One thing many golfers forget when searching for golf swing instruction, is that they swing differently than anybody else. Golf swings are very unique in many ways and even though they may just be slightly different from one golfer to another, they are different. You may not be able to use the stack and tilt, but another play might use it well.

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