Golf Swing Instruction – Five Tips on How to Hit a Fade For Duffers

Does your golf ball go where you expect it to most of the time? Bring your golf shots under control with the same shot shape the pros use when they need confidence. Lee Trevino said, “You can talk to a fade but a draw won’t listen to anybody.” Add the fade to your bag and you’ll be playing from the short grass hole after hole, round after round.

Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing Technique

With golf pros such as Tiger Woods and Michelson showing off their skills at the PGA tour, recreational golfers are looking for ways to improve golf swing technique from home. There are several factors that contribute to the perfect game including, your club or driver, the ball you play with, the weather elements, and most importantly your swing. While the wealthiest people in the world can buy the best golfing equipment on the market, no one can pay for a good swing.

Beginner Golf Tips – The First Things You Need to Learn in Golf

If you love the game of golf and you love to learn the game but are too hesitant, learning a few beginner golf tips may help you build confidence in learning the sport. Indeed, you have to start as a beginner, all the best players in any sport did start as beginners, so there is really nothing wrong with starting to learn golf and being awkward in it for the first few tries.

Golf Club Tips – Pointers to Consider When Buying Clubs

The golf club is your best friend when playing golf. Without it you can not play the game. In buying the right golf club for you, here are tips that will surely work for you:

Beginner’s Easy Golf Grip Lessons – Basics on How to Grip the Golf Club

It is incredible to watch golf players swing their golf clubs swiftly and let the ball fly and roll perfectly. As a beginner, you can do better in your slices and hooks just like those golf stars.

Golf Swing Lesson – How to Fix a Slice For Duffers

You can fix your slice. Nothing screams novice louder on a golf course than a ugly slice. Learn the secrets to curing your slice and stop the embarrassment today. You enjoy the game so much more, shoot lower scores, reduce your handicap and maybe even break 90.

Introduction to Hybrid Golf Clubs

The objective of golf is actually quite simple, like any other ball games, all you have to do is put the ball on the hole. In the case of gold, the player with the least hits to get the ball to nine hole wins. But unlike other average ball games, golf does not require athletic skills, the success on this sport relies both on the player’s skill and his or her equipments.

The Real Secret to a Good Golf Swing

Did you know that somewhere in the region of 80% of golfers never get a handicap lower than 18? They love the game and play as often as they can, but they never ever get their handicap below a one shot allowance per hole. Why?

Getting Better in Golf

Golf is one of those games recommended for stress relief or just a game you can play with no hustle. There is no impact or strenuous that is involved in golf and because of those reasons is played by many people. But want people do not seem to know is that they are some risks when you are playing golf. Don’t think about the golf ball hitting you in the head am talking about your feet.

More Comfort For Golfers

Golf is a wide world played sport. It’s an easy smooth game played by many because its does not have any impacts that may rid to injuries. It’s a relaxing sport really recommended for relieving stress. But golf is not always safe and stress free. They are some important requirements you need to have before you can play golf safely.

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