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The Short Game in Golf: The Secret Most Amateurs Do Not Know That Can Shave 7 Strokes Off Their Game

80% of our strokes come from 100 yards and in. The quickest and easiest way to lower your score, is to practice this part of your game. Here you will learn quick and easy tips to have a successful short game.

Golf Tips For The Short Game: Secrets You Need To Know

Did you know 80% of our strokes come from the shots we take 100 yards and in? Here you will find out what you need to do to drastically lower your shots by focusing on where the majority of your shots come from.

Important Tips For The Golf Novice

The tips in this article are especially important for the golf novice.  Do you ever wonder what separates good golf players from bad ones? Is it some very rare natural talent or is it a lot of practice?

What’s The Difference Between Men’s And Ladies Golf Bags

An important aspect of golf is the equipment. The clubs are important but the bag that you carry them around in is almost as important. This article discusses the main differences between a ladies golf bag and those that the fellas carry around.

Practicing Putting Drills For Golf Is The Surest Way To Improve

From Olympic champions to backyard volleyball players, the only way to get better at a sport is to practice it. Arguably true of every endeavor, there are some challenges that truly require repetition. When it comes to 9 or 18 holes, the best way to get a better score is putting drills for golf.

It’s a Great Time to Shop for New Golf Irons

If you think you might want to purchase golf irons in the coming year, perhaps you should act sooner. Why? Read this article to find out.

Changes in Golf Equipment

Changes golf equipment are continual, expected and sometimes quite challenging. They often make quite a difference in the game.

7 Great American Golf Courses

Great American golf courses are not hard to find. Selecting only 7 is difficult. We could give you 70, but think you will agree these are good choices of Great American Golf Courses.

Golf Training Aids to Improve Golf Swing for Kids

Many golf training aids have been developed to cater for the needs of golfers at various levels and of different age groups. Find out how to select the most suitable ones for your kids to learn golf while having fun.

How To Break 80 Golf Instruction Program Review

Imagine yourself stepping out on the green of a beautiful golf course, you step up to the tee, swing your club and watch the ball fly off in the best game of golf ever played! You observe the faces of your friends as they stare and contemplate the brilliance of your ability, wondering how you did it.ย They may think it a joke and laugh, if they knew that you read “How To Break 80.”

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