Spine Angle With Your Driver

Scotty Cameron Futura Phantom Putter – Product Review

Scotty Cameron is known for creating high performance putters. One of the best putter being produce by Scotty Cameron is Scotty Cameron Futura Phantom putter. It has an exceptionally pure feel. It is an easy to line up putter. This putter has a face balance weighting. This face balance weighting enables you to feel grooved and effortless putting stroke.

G5 Irons – The Value of Proper Equipment

What countless low handicappers know that a good set of Ping G5 Irons can aid any golfer in shaving their score. The one aspect that affects every shot played is your equipment. The decision to invest in G5 Irons means you take improving seriously.

What is Golf Etiquette?

Golf Etiquette is more than just manners, it is about the safety of everyone on the golf course. Most of the rules are basic and common sense. Sometimes it is good practice to remind ourselves of these golf etiquette. What is Golf Etiquette? It is about rules that every golfer must submit to in order to play a safe game of golf.

Top 3 – Most Important Golf Gear

If you’re a golfer, you know that it is very important not only to improve your mental and physical game. You should also have good gear.

7 Tips to Improve Your Putting and Lower Your Scores and Your Handicap

There is an old saying in golf that goes “Drive for show and putt for dough”. How many times during a round of golf have you been frustrated by a putt that was on target only to come up short? What about those putts that miss the cup and go sailing 3 or 4 feet past the hole? By using these 7 tips, you can improve your putting; lower your scores and your handicap.

Practice Those Putts – Lower Your Score

Putting is known as the game within a game. While pros hope not to exceed 30 putts per round for us less gifted at least 50% of the total strokes may be on the putting green for example your average par 4. Hence the need to practice those putts.

Best Golf Tips – Improve Your Game – A List of Sources

Every golfer looks for the best golfing tips to improve their golf game. There are many sources available that provide the most popular best golf tips to improving your game. Golf is very much an individual sport and each golfer is different in body, fitness, flexibility and mindset ability. The best tips are the ones that are most suited to you, your weakness and strengths.

Put a Golf Divot Repair Tool in Your Bag

One of my biggest pet peeves while golfing is following proper golf etiquette around the greens. Think about the percentage of our strokes taken on and around the greens in an average round of golf. Doesn’t every golfer want to have the best chance to have their score reflect their shot quality rather than hitting out of footprints in bunkers or having their putts go offline due to ball marks on the green?

How to Hit a Hybrid Golf Club

With the new wave of hybrid golf clubs appearing on the market, many golfers are jumping on the hybrid bandwagon, thinking that since everyone else is using them, so should they. Well, the arguments for using hybrid golf clubs are strong, but not so strong that you should not do at least a little research. The big questions are, are hybrids right for you and will they improve your game?

The Golf Address

How you set up to the golf ball dictates how well you are going to hit the ball, better get it right then! The correct gold address includes…

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