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Is it Possible to Fix a Golf Slice?

Often a golfer may slice a golf ball, which unfortunately needs a rapid mend. Ordinarily a professional will change his grip to strengthen the position. Hook grips are used in addition.

The Most Integral Part of the Set Up is the Spine

How the spine is set at address impacts literally every part of the golf swing. As the saying goes, “If you choose a path with no obstacles it generally does not lead anywhere.” When it comes to getting the spine or drive shaft straight at set up, it takes work, practice and a mirror.

Golf Swing Help – Stop Swaying!

How do you know if you sway in your golf swing? Well, the easiest way is to have someone video you whilst you are playing and show you the playback. This kind of feedback is invaluable as it shows the “real” you playing golf. We all have ideas of how we move our bodies in a golf swing but the reality can be very different indeed. Now, you might regard video feedback as a negative thing but I disagree.

Golf Swing Help – Some Advice

Some golf players that are new to the game and even some that have a considerable amount of experience search for what some call the “holy grail” of golf. That is the “magic pill” that will correct their golf swing by magic and the end result being they then play the best golf of their life for the rest of their life.

Golf Clothes Are Usually Easy to Find But You May Require a Bit of Knowledge Before You Buy Anything

Sometimes, buying new sports equipment can be a little bit daunting; especially if you’re new to the sport. Golf clothes for example, can be one of the hardest things to buy and considering all the rules and regulations on professional golf courses these days, it’s important that you get it right.

Golf Gifts For 2010

A golf gift for the larger budget is a vacation golf package to a golf resort or golf destination. Every golfers dream is to take a vacation where they can eat, sleep, and play golf without distraction. Golf packages will normally include at least one round of golf each day, as well as accommodations and some meals. Look for a place that has multiple courses, which will provide some variety and more overall enjoyment.

Golf Swing Help – The Back Swing

To enjoy playing golf you need to master the golf swing, and in particular the back swing. Of course golfers do play without a perfect back swing but focusing on improving it will improve the way you play the game and your enjoyment of it. If you are trying to improve this area it is important to remember that the focus is on your form, power and distance. Without good form you will have problems generating power and therefore distance from your golf swing…

The Most Famous Golf Courses in the World

Have you ever wondered what makes a golf course popular? Is it the presence of world class golfers there or the challenging courses it has? Or perhaps it’s the natural scenery that makes the game more enjoyable?

Callaway Golf Shoes – Play Golf With Style

Have you ever experienced wearing shoes on golf course that’s so good, there was literally nothing going wrong with your game? Well if you haven’t, then maybe it’s time to try out some new Callaway golf shoes so you can get the best golfing experience you can possibly get.

Country Clubs and Private Golf Courses

A country club golf course will normally have about half or two thirds of the traffic a public golf course will have. If you play your golf during the week, it’s not uncommon to buzz around the course in less than four hours and have no problem walking right on to the first tee. On the weekends, there are less conflicts reserving the tee times you want.

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