How To Hit A Bump And Run

The bump-and-run is a very useful shot to have in your arsenal when playing on fast or unreceptive greens. Hitting a high spinning or even a low spinning shot into this type of green will not work. So what should you do?

Learn How To Play Better Golf Using These Ways

Are you searching for ways you can use to help you play better golf, but are not sure what the ways are that can be used to help you learn this? Then you need to know the ways that will help anyone learn how to play a better game of golf easily starting immediately.

DIY Backyard Putting Green – Discover 5 Critical Reasons Not To Build A DIY Backyard Putting Green

Thinking about building your own DIY backyard putting green? Wait before you attempt to build your own. I strongly suggest that you read this entire article as I lay out 3 reasons you should not build it yourself and invest in a pre packaged professional putting green.

The Short Putt: How to Make This Your Money Shot

Ideally, we want to lay up our approach putts to tap-in range, and knock all our chips stiff. But that doesn’t happen, does it? We leave some short and those 3- to 5-foot putts can make or break your round. After you’ve done the good work to have only one of these standing between you and par, you deserve to sink it. Here’s how.

Nike Victory Red Forged Lob Wedge Review

Tiger Woods provided direct input towards the creation of these wedges. These are part of the particular range which guided Tiger to many of his amazing victories such as the US Open in 2008. They also have a wonderful classic appearance…

Golf Range Finders Can Be The 15th Club in Your Bag, How Do They Differ?

I’ll admit, I am a traditionalist and I take pride in pacing off my distance, only to have my playing partner come up with his GPS capable range finder and verify that my distance is on the mark. However, when you play a lot of different courses, that you are not familiar with, having a range finder in your bag is like having a 15th club.

The Game of Golf

The object of the game of golf is to hit a small, hard ball (the golf ball) as few times as is necessary for it to travel from its starting point, on the tee, into the hole located on each green. The golf ball is struck with clubs designated as woods or irons.

Stewart X5 Remote Golf Trolley Review

The X5 Remote Golf Trolley is the latest in the brand of X series models from Stewart Golf. The X5 is really a Ferrari of remote golf trolleys, the style and aesthetics are first rate and the standard of technological innovation is superb…

Six Quick Tips For Better Golf

If you’re trying to improve your golf game, and who isn’t, there is a temptation to look at the big things, like your swing, getting close from 80 yards, hitting out of the sand. These matters are important, but you might be playing well enough already that changing the way you do a few small things would be enough, like these six tips below.

Three Easy Tips to Lower Your Golf Handicap

Rather than working on the more complicated long distance golf drive right away, work on improving your short shots first. For example, learn to chip the ball more accurately.

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