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How to Correct Golf Grip Tips

People think playing golf is as easy as getting hold of the golf stick like a normal baseball bat and then hitting the ball. But there is more to it than just that, it is not just that easy for one to hit a golf ball and it lands on the tee that easily.

4 Tips For Beginners That Are Just Learning to Play Golf

Probably the biggest mistake that newbie golfers make when learning to play golf is that they run out and buy a bunch of fancy new clubs and equipment before learning the fundamentals. The stuff is expensive and while it may look awesome, most people don’t have a clue about what to do with the equipment once they own it. The result is it ends up in some corner of the house, unused!

4 Golf Chipping Tips That Will Definitely Lower Your Golf Score

Do you know that chipping is one of the most important shots in your golf game? Chipping will make or break you when it comes to your golf game. It is estimated that 75% of all shots on a golf course occur within 120 feet of the hole.

Golf’s Big Dog and the False Prophets

As one of the “foremost” golf historians, I can tell you that golfers had figured out very early on, one important fact. The distance a golf club could hit a golf ball, was inversely proportional with it’s importance to the score. Some guy (I forget his name, Dave “the icon” Pelz, something like that) recently figured out which clubs have the greater influence on the numerical outcome of the game.

Step by Step Golf Swing – How to Play Golf

Golf is one of an expensive sport but why people love to play golf. Here I will mention how to play golf and you will get some ideas to play this game. As you know the best way to start is with the correct stance and grip. Find a golf book and watch the DVD that explaining the basic about golf. While you watching TV, you can practice your grip the golf club and grip pressure.

How to Stop Making an Unwanted Golf Swing Slice

Like other sports, when golfing you can perfect your game by improving those facets that need work. For example, by ending your inadvertent golf swing slice you can reduce both your score and handicap. Here are some tips to say goodbye to your repetitious slicing.

Give the Gift of Hybrid Golf Clubs

We all have someone special in our life who is an avid golfer. Many of us have several such people in our lives. One thing golfers have in common, and we can all attest to it, is their ability to regale us with stories of their great golf shots.

Simple Golf Swing Instruction From Ben Hogan and Harvey Penick

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, just for a moment. How many of you have ever read Harvey Penick’s “The Little Red Book” or how many have ever read Ben Hogan’s “Five Lessons The Modern Fundementals of Golf”?

Golf Swing Tips – Short Game Cure For Putting, Chipping, and Pitching Woes

The vast majority of our golf shots in an 18 hole round are played from 100 yards in, yet that is the part of our game that we practice least. That doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you’re serious about lowering your scores, you’ve got to get serious about your short game.

Planning a Golf Holiday Abroad

Are you considering a golf holiday? When talking with your partner why not suggest a European destination?

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