Swing More Like HOGAN: 5 NEW Lessons!

Golf Swing – How to Avoid Flipping the Club Without Failing!

Are you in need to learn how to avoid flipping the club? Having a good proper golf swing is the most important aspect to avoid flipping the club. In order for you to have the best swing you must follow the proper technique for the golf swing. Read more and learn how you can improve your swing and give you the best possible foundation to build the rest of your golf game.

How to Escape From Sand Traps – The First Time and Every Time

Do you have trouble getting out of sand traps the first time? My top 3 tips for escaping from the sand every time will remove that fear with simple, easy to interpret procedures.

Golf Downswing – Here is the Real Secret

Starting the downswing with the lower body is as simple as moving the center of gravity toward the left side. Your center of gravity is your belly button.

A Guide to Buying Cheap Golf Clubs

Unlike in the past, you have more choices now when it comes to buying cheap golf clubs. The following shows some of your best options and what to look for when you shop for the equipment.

Golf Swing Techniques – Play the Best Golf of Your Life With This Step-By-Step System

My 40+ years of experience tells me that we need a simple, step-by-step “system” upon which to build our swing. I have found a resource that teaches just that. And I know that it absolutely works. I taught the system to my son and I’ve seen the results first hand.

How to Choose Golf Club – Easing the Pain of the Golf Club Selection

Taking up golf? First of all, consider the pre-requisites that need to be satisfied before you tee off for the first time. Besides learning the rules of the game and, if possible, developing an awareness of the expected etiquette and such, you will definitely need to avail yourself of the appropriate equipment!

Finding Your Way Around the Golf Course

If you are looking for a new way of dealing with your golf scorecard, finding your way around the golf course may be exactly what you need to be thinking about. If you can manage to figure out the best method of tackling the golf course, you will have the edge. While some players choose to buy new high tech equipment or invest in books and lessons, the smart golfers learn to read the course and pick their spots.

Accurate Chipping Principles

PGA players make the short-game look so easy. Whereas most of us are just looking to get the ball somewhere reasonably close, professional players approach each chip shot with the intent of putting the ball in the hole. And they do this on a reasonably consistent basis.

Golf Courses and the Environment

It is a fact that golf courses have to be built and they have to be built fast given the increasing popularity of the sport across the world. The golf course will not just remain a piece of grass.

Golf Tip to Allow You to Turn to Hit Longer Drives

I don’t like being the shortest drive off the tee. I hate it with a passion. I have one tip that will help you increase your distance by 10 – 17 yards.

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