Swing SLOWER and Hit The Golf Ball FARTHER

Putting Stroke: Can Your Yips Be Fixed?

Your putting stroke might be the most important part of your game – it sure has been for the great champions like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. But, when you lose your putting stroke, your game will seem like it will never recover again. Though most do not simply forget how to putt overnight, the putting stroke yips can make you feel like you have.

Golf Simulator Projection Screens

Playing golf is a sport a large number of individuals engage in for recreational purposes, despite the fact that not all of us have enough time to in reality get involved in it on a proper golf course or even a practice range at a minimum. This is where golf simulator projection systems come in.

Golf Tips – How To Chip Out Of Trouble With Your Putter

Many amateur golfers find chipping one of the harder shots in golf – especially if you have a tough lie or there are low branches to shoot your ball under. Chipping from a difficult spot can be a high-risk shot, and as we all know golf is about taking the ‘percentage shot’ whenever you can. One of the best golf tips I can give to amateur golfers is – ‘If you can avoid difficult chip shots then do so.’

Golf Tips – How To Avoid 3 Putting

No-one likes 3 putting! Here is a great golf tip which will improve your distance control and also help you to practice under game-like conditions. I.e. It will put you under pressure. If you can perform well under pressure then you’ll be a tough opponent!

Rhythm Is The Key To A Consistent Golf Swing

When I ask my students why the are taking golf lessons the most frequent answer is “they need to be more consistent”. The answer is if you want a consistent golf swing you must swing with rhythm. Rhythm allows you to repeat the motion and hit the ball more solid. I will share with you my two best methods to develop rhythm in your golf swing.

Golf Tips – Know The Rules Of Golf – Loose Impediments

One of the best golf tips I can give to any golfer is to know the rules of golf. This is because the rules are not only there to penalise you – they are also there to help when unfair situations arise. If you know the rules of golf you can often use these to your advantage. In this golf tip I am focusing on how the rules of golf can help you when your ball is lying on or near a ‘loose impediment’.

Golf Tips – Golf Putting Drill To Improve Your Distance Control

The most important three factors in any putt are pace, pace and pace. If you can control the pace correctly then your distance control will be good. Anyone with good distance control will be a formidable putter.

How To Hit A Draw Shot

Learning how to hit a draw shot might seem daunting at first. However, this article is going to outline some of the fundamental aspects required for beginners looking to play better golf, and learning how to hit a draw shot.

Cheap Golf Range Finders

Within the world of golf there are numerous remedies that are designed to profess they’ll lessen your golfing handicap when you purchase personal development products and services or perhaps by using specific clubs or even exclusive golf balls. Nonetheless the main difficulty many golf players go through is undoubtedly analyzing the actual yardage from exactly where they are currently located to exactly the place they need to wind up being.

Analyze Your Swing With a Golf Simulator

Whenever you initially begin playing golf you could find that striking the actual golf ball in a straight line is significantly more difficult than you would imagine. All things considered, you’re whacking a tiny ball with a long stick supposedly in a directed and accurate manner!

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