Swing SLOWER but hit the golf ball FURTHER. 99% of the BEST golfers do THIS!!!

Golf Swing Impact: The Moment Of Truth

You may have heard this before, but it’s all about impact when it comes to golf swing consistency and power. Doesn’t matter how fast your clubhead speed is, or how hard you hit the ball. It’s hitting the center of the clubface that produces maximum distance and consistency. If that’s the case, why do so many golfers work on all the other aspects of the swing, if they could just focus on impact?

Beating Uneven Lies – Save Strokes

If you want to save strokes and lower your golf handicap simultaneously learn how to hit from uneven lies. They cost you more strokes than you probably realize. Hitting from an uphill or downhill lie may not seem too challenging, but it can be the difference between hitting or missing a green in regulation. Or, it can be the difference between making a par or a bogey.

Do It Yourself Golf Lessons? NOT!

The innocent novice golfer who is intent upon learning the golf game on his or her own can plan on months and, some times years, of effort and frustration. Golf is not a do-it yourself sport! If you would like to master the game quickly, then an absolute commitment to a significant amount of golf instruction is necessary.

Golf Tips for Practicing a Shorter Swing

Golf tips for practicing a shorter golf swing is the subject for today. I touched on this a little in some previous articles, but let me explain the significance of a shorter swing. Let me begin with saying that 95 percent or more of amateurs overswing.

Golf GPS Review – Why You Should Buy A Golf GPS System

Why is it such a good idea to use a golf GPS system? Well for me it’s not exactly rocket science. To a degree it depends on you level of ability. Read this article and find out why a golf GPS will improve your golf game.

A Few Golf Swing Drills You Can Do at Home

If you want to be really skilled at golf, learning simple golf swing exercises at home will help you in developing an incredible aid in getting you on the way to your goals at the golf course. Repetition, with not just golf, but in everything we try to become accomplished at, is really a fundamental part to achievement for getting a consistent golf swing, as long as you repeat the correct swing fundamentals. And these fundamentals cannot be copied from Tiger Woods or anyone else that has mastered golf, unless they could speak with you in lingo you can comprehend…

A Golf Addict Plays Some Fantastic Courses

This weekend I had the pleasure of playing some really good golf courses with a very diverse group of mates The initial course was a secret jewel secreted away close to the border of England and Wales and the second was a world famous golf centre in Ireland. Rolls of Monmouth – I tried this course with a bunch of dental surgeons and lab technicians from Cardiff- no down in the mouth jokes please! What a pleasure to play this gorgeous rolling parkland course with some difficult demanding holes and…

Darren Clarke Was Challenged by an Army of Leprechauns

There was that moment when the eventual Open Winner, Darren Clarke’s ball clipped the top of a bunker and thundered on safely down the fairway. There were at least two other ‘magical’ moments when the commentators said that Clarke had ‘the luck of the Irish’.

Tips For A Novice On How To Hit A Golf Ball

When first starting to learn to play golf the hardest thing for a novice golfer to do is to learn how to hit a golf ball. For what seems a simple task it can be one of the most difficult thing in golf for beginners to master. No matter what age you are starting the learn to play golf you need to master this part of the game.

Key To A Good Golf Swing

The search for a good golf swing continues. Every golfer is looking for the key thought or tip that will instantly add more yards to their drives, and keep them in the fairway. Unfortunately, many golfers don’t look in the right direction to get this improvement.

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