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Get the Proper Stance For a Golf Swing

In the sport of golf, there are many techniques that the player needs to pay detailed attention to. When you talk of some of the most important techniques of golf, you cannot ignore the significance of the proper stance for a golf swing.

Alister MacKenzie

Hitting the links after a long day at work meant more for Alister MacKenzie than it did for most professionals – MacKenzie was a world class surgeon with an eye for design, helping to foster in a new era in golf course design. After serving as the World Wars, MacKenzie shifted his focus on golf course design, a major passion of his even though the majority of his professional career focused on medicine.

MacDonald Smith

Back in an era when golf was just emerging as a major international sport, MacDonald Smith rode his strong pedigree, competitive spirit and smooth swing to become a top professional golfer in the early part of the 20th century. At the age of 20, he won the Western Open just two years after turning professional – as a result, he earned a reputation for a fierce competitive as well as a gentle spirit.

Golf Swing Instruction For the Beginning Golfer

There is a special statistics about golf that can put you into amazement! Golfers generally learn golf by imitating someone who is already an established professional.

Golf – Why Most Golf Swings Are Inconsistent

Ask almost any golfer what they would like to improve on and they will say they would like to have a more consistent swing. That’s a great goal. What they don’t realize is that they already have a consistent swing. It’s just one that delivers inconsistent results.

Golf Equipment – Buying the Right Golf Balls

If you have a hobby that requires tools, it pays to have the best tools possible. They make it easy to do your best and allow you to do things you didn’t think you could. In golf, most people think that means having good clubs, but it also means having the right ball.

Golf Improvement – When to Take Golf Swing Lessons

The best investment you can make in your game is lessons. Even more than your equipment. What good is a new driver if you can’t get the ball in the fairway with it? No matter what level you play at, lessons will help you play better. The foundation of good golf is the right knowledge, and lessons are where you go to get it.

How to Read Really Tough Putts – One Simple Tip to Help Your Short Game and Lower Your Golf Score

Sometimes when you analyze a long putt, the break and the line looks different from either side of the hole. How do you sink a putt which presents this kind of tricky dilemma? Here is a simple tip for golfers who want to get better at reading greens and long, challenging putts.

Golf – Being a Good Driver is Much Better Than Being a Good Putter

Everyone knows that putting is where games are won and lost. But you have to admit that nothing compares to the fun of driving the ball over 300 yards. If you are a good driver of the golf ball people will always be so envious of you. I used to be a terrible driver but now all my friends are envious of me. Find out how I did it.

SkyCaddie SG2.5 Golf GPS Review – Man Did I Improve My Game With This!

Looking for a new golf GPS unit? You have found the right one. Get all the details on what the great unit did to help me shave 5 strokes off my score.

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