The 5 BIGGEST MISTAKES golfers makes with the DRIVER

6 Things You Should Know About Wedges

From a pitching wedge to a lob wedge there can be over 15 degrees of change in on face of the golf club. This change in angle has a dramatic effect at how your golf ball will react.

5 Tips to Get Out of the Bunker

This a basic principle behind any good bunker shot. Leave the face on the golf club open so that you can see it.

How to Swing a Driver

The driver is the fun club. There’s nothing like belting one out there high, straight, and far. Nothing. But remember, it’s the way you start out a hole, and to have a good end, the hole has to have a good start. Pay special attention to how you swing a driver so you’re playing golf on offense.

Golf – Practicing at Golf Vacation Schools

Imagine a period with no phone calls from customers and business associates, no appointments for meetings, and no work related disturbance at all. A stress-free, worry-free world with only you and the golf course would be the most ideal holiday time for anyone.

How to Save Money With Discount Green Fees on Some of America’s Best Golf Courses

Let’s face it: golf is both addicting AND expensive. But now you can PLAY MORE and PAY LESS with great discounts on some great courses.

How to Fix a Golf Slice? One Secret Method That Nobody Talks About That Guarantees Better Golf!

Slicing the golf ball is without a doubt one of the most frustrating parts of golf. The ball starts off straight and then moves across in a left to right direction ending up in a load of trouble. The worst part of the golf slice is that not only is it a shot that has gone way off your target line but it loses a lot of its power as well. It has become one of the most sought after answers in golf and that is the search for that elusive cure on how to fix a golf slice.

Golf Outings – What to Pack in Your Golf Bag

If we were going to play soccer, all we would need is a ball and away we’d go. Golf is different. The basic purpose of the golf bag is to carry your clubs, but there are pockets on the sides to carry all sorts of things that we need to have with us when we play. Here’s what to put in them.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight – The Top 3 Tips

Hitting the golf ball straight time after time is the Holy Grail of recreational golfers. And you know what? It’s not that hard to do. These three tips, along with some practice, will have you hitting fairways and greens in no time.

Sun Protection on the Golf Course

Golf is played in sunny weather, most of the time, exposing golfers to the bright sun for four hours or more. To stay sun-safe, and healthy in the long term, follow these guidelines.

Mini Golf Course Right in Your Backyard

Miniature golf has been around for quite a while now. No one knows for sure when and who thought of it.

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