Golf Swing Tips – Choose the Right Chipping Club to Chip Your Best

Poor chippers have a couple of common faults – (1) they use the same club for nearly all situations, and (2) they try to hit shots that their lie won’t permit. These bad habits are real short game killers.

Keeping Safe on the Green With Golf Stretches

OK, so it’s not hockey. It may not be as inherently hazardous as many other sports, but there are plenty of injuries which can happen while playing golf as well. There are pulled muscles, strains and sprains which can occur, quite often as the result of not taking the time to do some golf stretches before getting the game underway.

Powder Horn Golf Community is More Than Just Golf

The Big Horn Mountains is the home of Powder Horn Golf Community, a luxury community in Sheridan, Wyoming offering beautiful mountain views, creekside settings, championship level golf course, tennis courts, and luxury residential homes and rentals. In 2009, Golfweek magazine recognized the 27 hole championship golf course as one of the “Best Residential Golf Courses”.

The Tehama Private Golf Club in Carmel, California – A Luxurious and Masterful Playing Experience

Just off the Pacific coast and above the charming, and refined community of Carmel, California is the Tehama private golf community. Located on the Monterey Peninsula, Tehama is above the fog and boasts a warm and sunny climate.

Do You Really Need Golfing Lessons?

Are golfing lessons actually necessary, or can you learn on your own or with other means. There are tons of resources online that can help, for instance. Take a look at this article to learn if you need golfing lessons and if so, where to find them.

Best Golf Swing For You – Knowing Your Limitations

Acheive your best golf swing. It’s not as hard as you may think. 75% of it happens before you even make a swing!

Golf – One of the Greatest Pastimes

Did you know that Golf has some claims to the Roman times? And, that the Chinese too had a stake in this now famous game? Well, modern golf is believed to have originated in Scotland in the fifteenth century where it resembled a game played by the shepherds who used sticks to knock stones into rabbit holes.

Golf Tips and Techniques – Golf Chipping Drills

Have you ever seen a good player who doesn’t score well? He’s the guy who says “you know, I hit the ball pretty well today, but I just couldn’t score.” Have you ever seen a weaker player who’s always in the hole? He’s the guy who looks like he’s out of it, then scrambles around and makes a par or bogey and somehow avoids disaster. My guess is that the good player has a bad short game and the weaker player can chip and putt with the best.

Play Golf Conservatively

I have found that the best way to improve my scores as a long handicapper is not to try to beat the course as if I was a low handicapper. Take your handicap and put it to good use. If you have 2 strokes on a par 4 then play it like a par 6.

4 Steps to Improving Your Golf Swing

If your golf swing’s not what you’d like it to be, you need to take steps to improve it. Here we describe 4 steps you can take to make the improvement you’re looking for.

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