The Best Golf Shoe Releases For 2021 | Breaking Down Our Favorite Golf Shoes Coming Out This Year!

How to Be a Super Putter With the Belly Putter

The Belly putter has become a extremely popular putter on the PGA Tour. The last two Major event have been won by the belly putter. This article will give the necessary information to become a Super belly putter.

Golf Driver Swing: How To Stop Hooking

Many golfers are frustrated with their golf swing as they can’t seem to keep from hooking the golf ball when they tee off. Here are some tips on how you can stop hooking when taking your golf driver swing.

Do Golf Training Aids Really Work?

There are lots of golf trainings aids available for all sorts of golf swing flaws. If used correctly, do golf training aids really work?

Finding the Right Golf Shoes

Golf is not a high impact sport and is usually played for leisure, but this does not mean that golf is not a physically demanding sport. If your are planning on walking the eighteen holes, you are going to find that golf is a tiring outing. Finding the right golf shoes will make you more comfortable on the course and make you play better.

Simple Golf Warm Up Exercises Improve Your Game

Exercise for golf, are you kidding me? Let me ask, are you one of those golfers who rushes to the course, pulls out your Driver, takes a few practice swings and then heads to the first tee to start your round?

Bushnell V2 Range Finder for Regular Golfers And Tournament Play

Bushnell is a name you can trust and their products are high quality, long lasting and durable. The Bushnell V2 Range Finder is the perfect gadget for all golfers no matter what their skill level. Its a must have item for today’s golfer.

Just Play Golf

There probably isn’t a golfer alive who doesn’t think that they have the skills to shoot lower scores than they actually do. They spend all that time practicing, hoping it will pay off the next time they play, but when the round is over, it’s the same thing – “I’m better than this. What’s wrong?” What’s wrong is that they forgot to just play golf.

Key to a Better Golf Swing

There are hundreds of professional golfers around the world, and they all probably swing the club differently, even if they had the same trainer, there are usually tiny differences. But all of these professionals will absolutely agree on one thing that is vital to having a great swing, and that is balance.

Getting Out of Golf Traps

Traps are on the course for two reasons, to make golf more difficult, and to piss you off. They do a very good job of both, so avoiding them and learning how to get out of them if you do end up in them is very important to a good round of golf and keeping your sanity.

The 3 Phases Of Golf Fitness

For optimal outcomes from your golf fitness program, it should consist of a corrective phase, a golf-specific strength and balance phase, and a power phase, in that order. Working with a certified golf fitness instructor will ensure proper design and progression.

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