The best irons you can buy for under £400

To Improve Your Golf You Need to Fix That Golf Slice

Everything about the game of golf is a process and fixing a slice is no exception. You’re slicing the ball off to the right because your club head is open when you make contact. It’s that simple. But it’s not quite that simple to fix.

Golf Grip Tips

To obtain the proper golf grip, first, hold the top of the club with your right hand. (If you use a left handed golf grip then reverse all of the following instructions.) Allow your left arm to hang naturally alongside the club adjacent to the golf club grip.

What Design of Golf Irons Do I Play With? The La Jolla Irons

The iron is genuinely the vital item of your bag. The capability to control and form your iron shots is what will define your game.

How to Hit a Driver – The Most Difficult, Yet Most Rewarding Club in Your Bag

Every golfer has heard the phrase “Drive for show, putt for dough”, and while that may be true, nothing feels more rewarding than launching your ball off the tee box and it appearing like it’s never going to come down. Of course, dreaming it easier than doing it, so I’m going to give you the key points on how to hit a driver straight and long.

Avoid These Five Common Golfing Mistakes

Most people will tell you that golf is a difficult game to play. They’re right. But there are a few simple things you can to to prevent golf from being harder than it needs to be. By avoiding these five common mistakes, you will play better and have more fun.

10 Critical Areas in the Golf Mental Game

Learn about the key areas that contribute to golf the mental game and the ingredients for success in this fundamental, but often overlooked skill. Also, reveals a surprising correlation between a golfer’s handicap and the importance the golfer places on the golf mental game.

Ping Zing Golf Clubs for the Beginning Or Advanced Golfer

Every golfer knows how important it is to get a good gold club, because golf is all about the right balance, speed and impact point of the ball on the club. And different manufacturing materials result in different performances of different clubs on the golf course. While the choice of club is very much a matter of personal preference, there are some clubs which are wholly bad because their balance point is completely off and they make it hard for the beginner and the advanced or even professional alike to score points on the course.

Beginner Golf Club Sets (Playability)

When it comes to buying beginner golf clubs, many factors should run through your mind. The top factors are playability, status and cool factor, and price/resale value.

Orlando Golf – How to Save Money on Your Next Golf Vacation

Planning an Orlando golf vacation? Here are 5 secrets for saving money on Orlando golf courses. Follow these tips and save big.

Golf Swing Technique – How to Better Your Short Game

Like many golfers, I am always looking for ways to get better at my short game. Probably the most critical aspect of your game other than putting, having a strong short game will save you strokes throughout the course of a round of golf. Learning how to develop your short game is the fastest way to lowering your score. Many golfers only include two clubs in their bag that are normally used for golf shots inside 100 yards, the pitching wedge and sand wedge.

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