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Golfing in Columbia, SC

A premier Columbia, South Carolina hotel gives an overview of golfing in the Columbia area. Visitors to Columbia are sure to enjoy one of these local courses.

Golfers: Here Is When to Use the Bump and Run Shot

The bump and run golf shot, also known as the chip and run or run-up, us a golf shot every golfer should know how to make. It should be used only in certain situations, which we will go over later. But for the golfer who really wants to improve his short game, like the lob shot this method of playing the ball adds another weapon to your arsenal. And it’s not that hard to pull off with a little practice.

What Determines Good Golf Club Head Design

Form versus function in Golf Club Head Design has perplexed designers, engineers and marketers for decades in a three way tug of war which will ultimately be determined by what the public wants. This article focuses on the functionality and engineering concepts which make up a good golf club, as in my opinion these are the most important elements in the design of a golf club that will contribute to improving your golf in the long term.

The Best Golf Gift Ideas For Your Golfer Friend

There are lots of golf gifts that you can opt to give to your buddies who enjoy playing golf or watching golf tournaments. Because of this, you will find a wide array of golfer gifts that you could give to your golfer friend no matter what his or her individuality and preference is. You can start by checking out this list of items.

Top Gifts For Men That You Can Buy Online

As you probably recognize, it’s kind of challenging to purchase top gifts for men. This is the reason why you will hear people requesting treat ideas that they can give to their father, sibling or a guy buddy. While there aren’t much options available for you whenever purchasing for top gifts for men in the shopping center, you’ll certainly be happy to know that there are countless gifts for guys available on line these days and below is a list of the top choices:

Novelty Golfer Gifts For Women

Some people believe that buying golfer gifts for women is just too hard mainly because there isn’t very much alternative designed for women since most of the golf-themed gift items are designed for guys. But if you know how to look for golf gifts on the internet, you will realize that there are actually plenty of golf gift products which you can buy that are catered particularly for women golf players. Here are several of them.

3 Advantages Of Owning A Synthetic Home Putting Green

A home putting green is quite useful. It’ll make your game better without having the need to visit the golf course regularly. It also enables you to invite friends over for a round of mini golf. Because of this, having one in your own home is considered useful by many golfers. This is especially true for beginners who want to improve their game play.

Top Five Suggestions To Find The Ideal Golf Gift

So you are going to purchase a golf gift for your beloved who likes playing golf. Well, you’re rest assured that you’ll be getting him or her the best present because the individuals who are passionate with golf loves to be given presents that they can use to play. On the other hand, in case you haven’t bought a single golf product previously and you don’t realize what to get a loved one, don’t panic simply because here you’ll be provided suggestions that you may use to ensure that you are getting the perfect gift!

Three Good Reasons Why You Have To Have A Home Putting Green

A home putting green is a good thing for beginners who want to improve their skills in golfing. Because it’s hard to practice on the golf course, having a putting green at home is smart. Whether your putting green at home is a small one or not or an artificial one or not, it is quite useful if you want to improve your game. It allows you to practice even when you are busy because you can just bring your clubs and golf balls and go to your backyard and practice your shots.

What Makes Personalized Golf Gifts The Perfect Gifts For Men?

Lots of men appreciate playing golf and plenty of them want to make sure that their golf tools are original. They are going to absolutely appreciate personalized golf gifts simply because they feel more wonderful if they are presented such presents. If you’re still curious to find out the reason why guys prefer customized gifts especially something that they are able to use for playing golf, then continue reading.

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