The Natural Golf Swing Grip

The natural golf swing grip is called such because as the name says, it comes naturally. It is the most basic, primal form of swinging-and gripping-beginners will develop and use while playing leisurely.

Greenside Bunker Shots – There Are Two Basic Swings

There are two equally effective greenside bunker shots. The cut shot and the vertical shot, which is best for you?

Is There a Golf Swing Secret?

If you are looking for a golf swing secret that works for everyone, then you will be out of luck. No one secret can fix the problems that you are having as well as everyone else’s. For each person, there is another type of “secret” that will work – although in most cases, there is just a fundamental error in your swing that needs to be brought to your attention.

Are You Balanced in Golfing?

Golfing is about balance. What you will need to do is to make sure that you get the correct balance with your feet and in the movement of your body and also in the way you swing your clubs. Balance goes deeper than the body. You will need a balance in approach to your golfing game that includes getting your mind and body in sync. You only need to think about the very stroke you are playing at the time and not get distracted by other holes and in doing so upset your balance.

Finding Golf Practice Aids

Golf practice aids are generally used to “groove” your swing into something that is playable out on the course. They use little tricks to keep you on track, keep your swing on a certain plane, and bring it back to hit the ball at just the right place on the club and at the right velocity. Before you buy any of them, though, you should go online and read the reviews.

How to Find Golf Instruction Tips

Your friends that you regularly play with might be full of golf instruction tips, but what works for them might not work for you. Because each of our bodies is completely different, the swing thoughts they have might not even be possible for your body’s size or flexibility. So, be very wary of what your friends might tell you.

What Kind of Golf Swing Grip Should You Have?

The “old school” of golf will tell you that your golf swing grip should be light, as if you were holding a bird in your hands. If someone grabbed the golf club out of your hands, they should be able to pull it easily. But, most of us prefer a stronger grip, for fear that we will let go of the club because of our massive strength and speed – which does not happen.

Ways to Fix a Slice

The slice in golf can be a very frustrating problem for any golfer. It can haunt a golfer just picking up the sport and may even show up from time to time for the most experienced golfer. Know what causes the slice is the first step in understanding how to fix the slice. There are many reasons why the club face stays open upon contact, causing the slice. Some of the most common reasons that will be explored have to to do with the grip, stance, backswing, and the downswing.

Golf Cart

They come in a wide range of formats and are more generally used to transport small no. of players over short distances at speeds less than fifteen mile per hour as per specified standards. The carts normally are around four feet wide, eight feet long and six feet high and weigh nine hundred to a thousand pounds. Most of them are run on four stroke engines.

How Do You Select Women’s Golf Clubs?

Whether you are a beginner looking for your first set of female golf clubs or you want to purchase a set to replace an existing set of clubs, there are many issues to look out for. Being a woman, it is now possible to buy a set of clubs that have been created with a females needs and specifications in mind and these should be examined first. It may well be that a more traditional set of golf clubs will provide the best level of benefit but by and large, women’s golf clubs are the way to go for women to improve their playing style.

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