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Golf Is All About Confidence

Golf is all about confidence. It is the ability to stand square to the ball, and let go without any preconceptions on your part whatsoever. No technical swing thoughts. No interference from outside agencies just the sheer ability of knowing that whatever you do it will turn out just the way you planned it.

Five Ways to Make Golf More Enjoyable

Anyone who has golfed knows how addictive this sport can become. Unfortunately for many of us golfers we lose sight of the fact we are supposed to be having fun. So to refresh your memories in this regard here are a few suggestions to lighten up and have some fun and make golf more enjoyable.

Golf Putting – Remember These Golf Putting Tips If You Are A Beginner

Golf putting can make or break you as a golfer. Golf putting is a part of the game of golf that many find difficult. Golf putting skills will increase with a correct golf club grip.

Improve Your Golf Scores – Four Simple Tips

Most golfers look for complicated reasons for why their game is below par, but it’s amazing how many of the simplest tricks are overlooked. Here are four simple tips you can immediately use to improve your game and gain the advantage over your peers.

How To Pick A Golf Set

Don’t buy a golf set without reading this first! These are some killer tips.

Golf Putting – Use These Golf Putting Tips To Take Shots Off Your Game

When golf putting, one must fully understand the breaking putt. The shot you take when golf putting is determined by the amount of break that you anticipate. Golf putting must be practiced.

Finding A Golf Course

Some tips and tricks when you’re looking for a golf course. Don’t become a member without reading this!

Golfing For Duffers

Some say that golf was invented to frustrate and drive people crazy. While one can drive himself crazy, if one merely enjoys the game, and views it as a beautiful fun way to spend some time, golf is a great pastime. Let me preface this article by saying that while I enjoy the game of golf, I am a “terrible” golfer.

Slice Tips – How to Find the Best Advice

The game of golf may seem like it is an easy accomplishment but those who have tried it know that this is not the case. Golf takes strength, concentration and patience beyond what some might think. Some of the hardest things to accomplish in golf are the perfect grip and the swing that works well for you. There are a number of habits that can come about that might need to be broken. You may need to know how to cure a golf slice for example.

Hypnosis Golf MP3 – The Fastest and Easiest Ways to Learn and Play Golf Impressively

Golf is a great game to learn and to play. It is one of the most lasting outdoor games around. A lot of people feel unsure about the game at first mainly because it doesn’t look all that exciting at first glance.

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