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How Can a Beginner Benefit From Golf Training Swing Aids?

Joe was new to the game of golf, and after spending a few afternoons swinging away at balls on the course he knew that there was far more skill and technique involved in the game than he had first thought. A golf pro suggested that he use some golf training swing aids to help him learn the proper mechanics, but Joe wasn’t sure that this would help his game. However, Joe looked further into the various aids available and was surprised at what he learned.

7 Things to Check That Are Included in an All Inclusive Golfing Vacation

If you have been one of the luckier golfers amongst us and you have been on an all inclusive golfing vacation previously then you will know what to expect or, at least, you will have something to benchmark your expectations against. However if you have never been on one before and you are considering planning for one in the future this article will be of benefit to you.

How Do Golf Swing Training Aids Compare to Private Golf Lessons?

Sam really wanted to improve his golf game, and while he’d been golfing for years, he knew he didn’t have the proper mechanics down. Sam’s friend had suggested that he can learn the proper mechanics of the game by either taking private lessons from a golf pro or using golf swing training aids at home. Sam had never really considered using at-home aids to improve his skills, and so he looked into how these aids would stack up against private golf lessons.

Free Golf Chipping Tips

All golfers know the short game is important. Here are some great golf chipping tips to help you improve your short game.

Best Free Golf Backswing Tips

Ready to perfect your golf backswing? You’ve come to the right place.

Visualization – What Do You See on the Golf Course?

Researching mental golf visualization it is apparent that despite an general agreement of a definition of “a mental rehearsal of a desired future outcome” the term also meant slightly different things to different people. As a result it is useful to put them together as immediate, short, medium & long term visualization.

What You Should Consider When Planning a Golfing Vacation

It has come to that time of year when you just need a vacation. You have seen too much of the office and seen very little of your wife and kids over the last couple of months. Golf is your passion so what better way to relax, unwind and recharge those batteries by booking a golfing vacation. The family will be happy and so will you – talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Practicing Distance Control

We have already looked at how to practice controlling distance so now we are going to go into practicing direction control. To really get the best results from practicing its best to pair direction control and distance control together like a good weight lifting routine. Before we start remember like I said before this is a game all about confidence so go at these drills with everything you have got.

How to Correct a Left Handed Golf Slice

Correcting a slice is a process, like any golf strategy. You will eventually find the cause of your problem if you work through the possible culprits. Here are some proven tips on correcting a left handed golf slice.

Useful Hints on Golf Etiquette

Proper golf etiquette is very important to not only promote the integrity of the game, but also relates to pace of play, safety concerns, honoring the golf course and honoring your playing partners. Most new golfers struggle with proper golf etiquette and have to learn it over time.

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