The Importance of Ball Fitting

Working The Ball – Fade, Draw, High, Low

Knowing how to put your golf ball where it works to your advantage is a skill that can save you a lot of strokes. Many recreational golfers do not have these skills, those that do have lower handicaps.

Does Increasing Golf Swing Speed Also Increase Club Head Speed?

Increasing your club head speed will add distance to all of your clubs, the question is how do you accomplish that goal. Swinging harder or faster would seem to be the logical way to increase your golf swing speed and thus your club head speed. Is it really the way?

Groove Your Golf Swing By Allocating Practice Time Correctly

There’s a technique developed for foreign language learning called spaced repetition that can help you learn new golfing skills much faster. The idea is that you practice the skill through measured, spaced intervals instead of in long, continuous sessions. Not only do you learn faster, and retain what you learned.

Women’s and Men’s Pink Golf Shoes

Pink golf shoes are very hot these days not only for the ladies but for the male golfers as well. Serious golfers are now taking into account not only the comfort and the features of shoe but how its looks as well. If you think that the color and the style of the shoe does not affect you game, then you are wrong.

Golf Driving Tips to Reduce a Slice

Reducing or eliminating a slice can be a very long and frustrating journey. Some of the causes,some of the missteps, and some possible solutions.

Nike Women’s Golf Shoes – Reviews of the Best Ladies Golf Shoes of 2011

If you are looking to buy Nike women’s Golf Shoes, make sure to read the reviews and the ratings first. There are now a lot of golf footwear for ladies today because the number of female golfers has also increased. Whether you go for the style or the features of the shoe, it is important that you should pick your top 3 and make an intensive research.

Golf Etiquette For The Modern Golfer

Etiquette is essential to the game of golf, many rules are put in place for safety reasons others are their to maintain the quality of the golf course and the manner in which golf was founded. These rules are enforced to make the game more enjoyable golfers and to minimize as much damage as possible.

Three Major Challenges to Women Golfers

Every golfer has different challenges, and golf training aides are designed to address those challenges. In researching the areas that women golfers have the most difficulties, we learned some surprising things. In addressing the major challenges to women golfers, these challenges are not necessarily impossible to overcome because of physical limitations, but with some knowledge can be dealt with.

The Right Golf Ball for You

Golf balls are available in many different brands and types. A few of the different types include two-piece, three-piece, various compressions, numerous cover materials, and dozens of different dimple patterns. The plethora of differing types of golf balls and the dozens of brands on the market makes choosing one very difficult. Which one is the best? The answer is simple – all and none.

2 Easy Steps To Achieve A Proper Golf Swing

It’s not a secret having a proper golf swing will in fact improve your game and lower your scores. But, that is not the question. The question is just how do you achieve a proper golf swing? In the next few paragraphs you will learn the secrets to lowering your scores by simply applying the proper golf swing to your game.

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