The Benefits of Golf for Yourself

There are some sports out there that most people can play at any age. This sport is also one of most growing global sports in the world. The game of golf is one of the sports that anyone can play for anyone.

Top Tips to Remember When on the Golf Course

Golf is such a sport which is very mentally demanding. A lot of mental preparation is required to successfully play this game as one is on his own once on the course and there will be nobody to give assistance. A positive mind with belief in oneself devoid of any kind of absurd thoughts is essential while playing this sport.

How To Make Your Best Golf A Habit

Golf instruction is replete with maxims which sound reasonable but often lack a practical explanation. In the previous article, we looked at the axiom “only perfect practice makes perfect.” What is perfect practice? Let’s define it as the ability to accurately re-create essential positions found in every effective swing. The ultimate goal is acquiring a feel for these positions until they happen without conscious thought. In essence, you’ve developed the muscle memory that allows you to stop thinking about swing mechanics and play by feel. The transition from thinking to feeling is a three-stage process. In this article, we compare the process of learning how to drive a car, to the recipe for building a consistent golf swing.

The Definition of an Albatross in Golf

Understanding the terminology involved when taking up golf as a sport to avoid feeling uncomfortable as a novice. Being Confident and knowing some of the terms and rules will increase your enjoyment of the game.

Perfect Practice: The Key To Muscle Memory

Every golfer knows that the key to consistency is muscle memory. Let’s define muscle as the tendency for a muscle group to repeat a specific movement automatically under certain conditions. The operative word is automatically; specific conditions trigger reactions that occur without conscious thought. It’s impossible to counteract muscle memory consciously. Effective muscle memory is a by-product of rehearsing a movement correctly over time. In other words, only perfect practice makes perfect. How do we develop perfect practice? Read on…

The History and Future of the Golf Society in the UK

It was sometime back in the early days of golf that lovers of the game got together to share their passion for the sport, but what is the official history of the Golf Society in the UK? We took a look at both the written history and the current landscape to see how Society Golf has changed over recent years.

The Homunculus and What He Has to Do With the Golf Swing

Nature indicates the importance of the hands in everything we do, but much of golf instruction neglects the role of the hands. Understand why the hands are important in swinging a club and learn how to use them in the golf swing.

A Few Highlights to Honing Golf Skills Faster and More Efficiently

There are a number of ways a golfer can improve their swing, drive and score. Meeting with a instructor, watching golf instructions videos and clips, covering various aspects of golf, can help new players and seasoned players alike to understanding the rules of the game and how to improve form and score.

The Confidence Quotient: Setting Your Own Standard

Golf is the ultimate game of feel. Is technical skill or a feeling of confidence more important in playing a consistent game? Does one poor shot shatter your confidence? In this article, we look at the (unconscious) belief that perfection is a realistic goal. This attitude can quickly shatter one’s confidence. What would happen if we adopted the notion, that a perfect shot is merely a happy accident? Adopting this belief, would allow you to stop beating yourself up and accept that your score is a reflection of the quality of mis-hits.

Golf Swing Tips – How to Stop Topping the Ball Off the Tee

Learn about the mistakes people often make while swinging. Use these guidances to rectify your knocks.

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